HVFF London 2018: Arrow’s Stephen Amell On Supernatural Crossover, Season 7, And His Influence On The Show

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Yesterday, Heroes and Villains Fan Fast had a very special treat for its London crowd: a panel dedicated to the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, moderated by his close friend Aisha Tyler (Archer, Criminal Minds).

It’s not the best-kept secret that Stephen Amell is good friends with Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, but no one expected him to attend the panel in a t-shirt sporting Sam and Dean’s faces.

His attire prompted several fan questions in relation to the other CW hit series. A young girl asked Amell, which of the two men he likes better. His very diplomatic answer: “I like Jensen better, but Jared gives better hugs. So I choose Misha (Collins)”. Another fan asked whether he would ever get back to them for pranking him and vandalizing his parking spot in Vancouver by changing his name to Stephen Smells. He replied that they are currently in a cold war, and he will likely wait until their 60th birthday parties to retaliate.

Of course, the question of whether an Arrow/Supernatural crossover would be possible came up. It is definitely something that the fans want to see, and Amell himself would love to do it. However, the actor isn’t sure how they would be able to pull it off, due to the different nature of each show. “I would definitely come to them, I would go to their show and I would take a day rate”, he said. “I know that it doesn’t totally make sense to do a crossover, but fuck it.”

While Amell does have a certain pull on the show, convincing the powers that be that an Arrow/Supernatural crossover is totally necessary may be difficult. When it comes to his involvement in key decisions on Arrow, he states that he has more of an influence on smaller details, but the bigger storylines are up to the showrunners and executive producers.

“I have a reasonable input on the show”, he said. “I get into the micro-elements of the show, but the macro-elements have always been the producer’s [responsibility]). The only big idea I ever had was when we did the first crossover with The Flash. I suggested that Oliver’s baby mama and kid show up at Jitters […] I get to have input, but ultimately it’s up to them. I did have an input on where Oliver might end up at the end of the day”.

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The panel also discussed how the change in power will affect the upcoming season of Arrow. “We have a new showrunner this year, Beth Schwartz”, Amell reminded the audience.  “She has such a very specific idea of where the season is going to go that she sent me an email before this convention going ‘Please do not spoil the following things’”.

On the top of the list of things that Amell was not allowed to talk to was a direct result of the season six finale: how long will Oliver stay in prison? So while all talks of season seven were cut short, Amell did give us an idea of which direction we might be headed.

“I think we’re going to lean into more of the comic and canon version of the Green Arrow this year”, Amell teased. “The show is the show, and I am me. My secret identity which wasn’t really a secret identity is definitely not a secret identity anymore.”

Take a look at more highlights from the Stephen Amell and Aisha Tyler panel below:

Arrow returns with season seven this fall on The CW.

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