“Harry And The Harrisons” Convene Together On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Welp we’re heading to the finale. Honestly? I just want DeVoe gone already because I really couldn’t care less at this point. I’m more interested to see what kind of stuff possibly Dawn Allen is going to bring to the show instead.

Last week, Harry came clean about how he’s regressing mentally. Cisco thinks that it’s all reversible, which is good to hear. Meanwhile, DeVoe begins to grab things for his Enlightenment Device. He’s not caring who he has to kill to get it. We also see how he and Marlize fell in love (and wow he’s a mansplaining asshole). As for the Enlightenment, DeVoe plans to bathe the Earth in enough dark matter to return humanity to a simplified state, making himself the new leader of Earth. Marlize, however, has left him feeling like he’s no longer her husband.

Caitlin is also placing herself in more and more dangerous situations in order to bring out Killer Frost.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Oblivious: Barry wakes up to Iris surrounded by files and boxes working on a story about DeVoe and the Enlightenment Machine. She thinks that by publishing his plan, people can protect themselves. Barry looks a bit skeptical when she leaves. Harry, Caitlin, and Cisco detail DeVoe’s plan to launch the satellites into strategically important places on Earth and then release the dark matter bursts. Barry suggests using an organic matter weapon. Harry suggests that Cisco talks with the Council of Wells in order to help in addition to the other scientists they know. The Council isn’t very helpful in the end and refuses to help Harry. Harry kicks himself while he’s down. Cisco declares that they need to make a new Council. Joe comes to get some aspirin and finds Caitlin trying to get Killer Frost to emerge. He offers that Caitlin should try to attack the problem from a different angle, which gets her going on how to deal with the Enlightenment. Caitlin suggests using Amunet as a Kilgore-proof attack against DeVoe. She thinks that Amunet will help them. Eyeball has taken over Amunet’s hideout, who admits no one has heard a peep from Amunet in months.

Disappearance: No one really knows where Amunet would be hiding. Caitlin remembers about Amunet’s former day job was a flight attendant. They plan on searching Amunet’s real name, Leslie Jackory. Before everyone splits up, Barry talks with Iris about her plan to reveal DeVoe’s plan. He thinks that the team should decide. Iris agrees saying they should present the team with a full article and talk about it. Cisco presents Harry with the new Council: Playboy Wells, Jersey Wells, and Terrible Moustache Wells. Harry doesn’t really have the patience to deal with these guys, but Cisco encourages him to talk. The new Council is moved to help Harry recover his intellect. Joe and Caitlin discuss about her others reasons to find Amunet, mainly that she wants to use the splicer to get Killer Frost back. It turns out that Amunet has taken inspiration from Molly’s Game and made her own underground gambling. She’s has totally gone to ground. She tries to attack when Barry arrives, who informs her that they need her help.

Reset: Amunet is brought to STAR Labs, where she gets Barry to unmask himself and is cheerfully horrified about DeVoe’s plans. She agrees to help them because DeVoe making everyone morons is terrible for business. She’s going to need a lot of her metal shards in order to take out a satellite. They agree to help her track down her missing “Big Job Stash”. Barry goes to handle it. Caitlin takes Amunet aside to ask her for the splicer. She agrees to help Caitlin in order for one favor from her and Killer Frost. The Council assembles again, who psychoanalyze Harry’s obsession with DeVoe. They think they need to understand DeVoe’s heart. They disappear to handle their own business, telling Harry to follow his heart. Harry declares it a colossal waste of time. Amunet leads Barry and Caitlin to her storage locker. It turns out that it was Eyeball who stole her stash.

The Search: The Team is looking for Amunet’s shards, and Caitlin is lowkey freaking out. Joe uses the opportunity to get Caitlin to tell the Team about the splicer tech. She’s upset because it was her last chance forever. Harry angrily packs up his work station while Cisco comes in. He gives Cisco a genuine apologize, which makes him think about what Cecile said about other kinds of intellect. It’s time to consider someone else’s feelings: DeVoe. Iris presents Barry with the finished article about DeVoe. She tries to present her case about telling the truth, believing that people will do the right thing. DeVoe’s entire goal is keep people away from information and they’re no better for doing it themselves. She knows Barry’s scared, but Iris believes the article will help. It’s time for the Flash to put his faith in the people. Amunet goes to talk with Caitlin and informs her that the splicer didn’t cure her. It was a placebo effect. By talking about fakes, Amunet figures out where Eyeball went. He goes to the deal with her metal stash.

Fake-Out: Amunet and Caitlin believe that Eyeball is having a deal with the shards in the abandoned substation. Barry gets Amunet to agree not to kill Eyeball, which she attempts anyway. Eyeball’s snake thing sprays posion venom in Barry’s face, while Joe and Caitlin handling getting the shards. Eyeball and Amunet continue their fight while Joe and Caitlin handle the gangster. Barry has to phase through the venom before it hits his heart. Caitlin uses the cold gun to freeze the roof and Joe shoots the ice, knocking out the gangsters. Barry phases through the venom. Joe and Caitlin open Amunet’s stash and she covers the guys face with her metal. She proceeds to kill Eyeball’s socket snake. Amunet proceeds to leave, declaring DeVoe has a better hand. Caitlin points out that she’ll be stupefied just like the rest of them. She creates a concussive device that will knock out DeVoe’s Enlightenment device, but they only have one shot. She then leaves in a tornado of metal. At STAR Labs, they discuss how to use Amunet’s bomb. It’s something they need to prioritize. Harry announces that he’s figured out why DeVoe’s not doing anything. It’s because Marlize left him, which has everyone refocused. Barry tells Iris that she was right. He tells her to publish her article about DeVoe because he believes in the people of Central City. Caitlin and Joe go get coffee at Jitterz. She tells Joe about Amunet told her. She needs to go inside to find Killer Frost. Iris wakes up and shows Barry about how insane people are going over her article. They’re tracking DeVoe, which means he can’t hide anymore.

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