Freeform To Celebrate 25 Years Of Hocus Pocus This Halloween

Credit: Disney

This year the cult classic Disney film Hocus Pocus celebrates its 25th anniversary. Yes, you can immediately feel old now.

One large part of its cult status is from its yearly playings during the 13 Nights of Halloween on Freeform. This year, however, Freeform is upping the nights and the content.

Now we’ll have 31 Nights of Halloween on the network, according to the Upfront presentation. There will be a special Extravaganza to commemorate 25 years of the Sanderson sisters.

In addition to the special event and the super-sizing to 31 Nights of Halloween, fans also got an update on Life-Size 2. The film will air during the winter holiday season on the network.

The plot will follow a magically grown-up Eve (Tyra Banks) who is “magically awakened to help a young woman learn to live and love again. Eve experiences the ups and downs of real life in an edgy, fun, modern Christmas movie.”

Needless to say, we’re having a lot of nostalgic feels right about now.

The 31 Nights of Halloween starts on October 1st on Freeform.

Bec Heim