4YE’s TV Reels Feels For May 13th Through May 19th

This week, some of the tv finales send our feels into overdrive. We were left gagging by many and crying by most.

A NetFlix fave made its return this past week and definitely gave us a lot to talk about.

Check out our feels for the week below!

Top Performer

Clare: Kate Walsh’s Olivia in 13 Reasons Wahy’s second episode “Two Girls Kissing” was just heartwrenching. The various emotions she goes through, not only in having to sit through the trial testimonies and having dirt, rumours, innuendoes and hard truths raised about Hannah and her relationship with her daughter but also having to deal with the actions of Jackie when she finds out she washed the dress Olivia was wearing when she discovered Hannah and facing her grief anew was so heartbreaking but also so powerful. The emotional journey Walsh had to take Olivia on this episode was painful but also beautiful to watch, from a performance perspective.

Bec: I’m still enraged that Kate Walsh never got an Emmy nod for her work in the first season of 13 Reasons Why. It continues to carry over into this season. Walsh continues to give one of the most powerful performances on television. Here’s hoping her work in “Two Girls Kissing” doesn’t go unnoticed.

Stephanie: I really, really want to say Chloe Bennet yet again because she hit every emotional and action scene absolutely spot on in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 finale. But I have to give huge kudos to Clark Gregg, especially because this may be the last time we see Coulson on S.H.I.E.L.D. This show started with Gregg and he brought the character to a fitting, happy end. His goodbye to the team felt very much like the actor speaking for and as himself, not as his character.

Verena: Joining in on praising Kate Walsh, one of the most underrated actresses on this planet. “Two Girls Kissing” may have been one of the best episodes of 13 Reasons Why so far, and Walsh was the absolute highlight.

Emmy: I’m giving it Clark Gregg with Stephanie. I forgot that it was Coulson speaking during his speech to the team because I truly felt that came from Gregg, and it had me sobbing.

Top Episode

Clare: This week’s The Handmaid’s Tale was back on form, providing us with more insight into not only life back in the Waterford household but also out in the colonies. The sheer spitefulness of the Commander and Serena Joy in wanting to separate June and Nick is just aggravating and that they would then introduce another innocent into this toxic environment was just awful. The power plays happening all over the place are very interesting to watch and see play out. The whole place is just a powder keg waiting to explode but I fear it’s going to get a lot worse before we get anywhere close to that happening.

Stephanie: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s finale was better than I was expecting and about as sad as I was anticipating. I’ve mentioned before how I felt this season often struggled to find its footing and figure out its focus. In the end, S.H.I.E.L.D. delivered a powerful, action-filled, cryfest that would’ve made for a satisfying ending for the show. But I’m glad there’s a little more to come in season 6 next year.

Bec: Riverdale’s season finale was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. While I’m not sure if I would call it amazing, I will say that I was riveted the entire time watching the episode. Though I would love to know how time works on this show. Just sayin’.

Verena: This one is all about Lucifer this week. The finale was heartbreaking and amazing in so many different ways. Chloe finally learned the truth about Lucifer, Lucifer finally got his devil face back, and Pierce finally got what he deserved. As much as I loved Tom Welling in that role, the guy was a bastard who deserved to die. The fact that Lucifer still hasn’t been picked up by another network or a streaming service makes the finale even more bittersweet because there are so many stories left to be told. Chloe just found out that everything Lucifer told her about himself and hell had been true, and they finally got their sh-t together and acted on their feelings, it’s only fair (and a necessity, really) that we should get to see what happens next.

Emmy: I’m giving my choice to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as it definitely made my jaw drop quite a bit especially with Fitz’s death (tears are forming again) and how neatly it wrapped up all of the loose ends for us. I’m glad that the show will get another season but even if it hadn’t, the finale did it justice.

Top Moment

Clare: Prince Harry’s first view of Meghan Markle as she walked down the aisle. That look makes this whole circus worthwhile. A close second was everyone’s reactions to Rev. Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon.

Stephanie: Wow, how do I pick one moment from the S.H.I.E.L.D. finale? Coulson’s farewell speech was beautiful and sweet. He and Daisy exchanging “I love you’s” as they hug goodbye made my heart absolutely swell. But it was Coulson and May on a beach holding hands that will be sticking with me for a long time. They have been through a lot of loss and horror but they made it somewhere beautiful and get to spend time, at last, together.

Bec: The entire opening sequence of The Flash this week was just as good as any hallway fight in a Marvel/Netflix show. And the way Team Flash saved the hostages was just as amazing. Good job.

Verena: Props to Clare for that nod to the Royal Wedding, because yeah, that was the stuff that dreams are made of. But my moment of the week goes to iZombie. After Isobel had taunted her newfound family about her upcoming certain death over and over again, it was only a matter of time until she would pass. I knew it was bound to happen, but that didn’t make it any sadder when Ravi eventually has to face her corpse. Ravi’s almost paternal relationship with Isobel was beautiful to watch, and it will be a dynamic that I’ll miss on the show. Also, Rahul Kohli acted his butt off in that scene, and he deserves all the Emmy’s for that.

Emmy: Philinda’s beach moment is the only thing I wanted from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in five seasons, and it was worth the wait.

Most Disappointing

Clare: I admit I’m only three episodes into the second season of 13 Reasons Why but so far I have been underwhelmed. It hasn’t had the grip on me that the first season had and seems to have lost a bit of its intensity and impact. With the first season, the events and actions seemed real, whereas the events of season 2 so far just feel too contrived and over the top for me. I’m told there’s a payoff in the final episode so will be persisting with it but so far it’s pretty disappointing, and I can’t see why there was a need for this season, apart from the fact that season 1 was such a massive hit.

Stephanie: If I’m being nitpicky, I really wanted to hear Coulson say “I love you” to May. I know he loves her and she knows that. The entire team and the fandom know it. But it would’ve been nice to hear, especially if this is the last we see of him or both of them.

Bec: Hiram Lodge needs to get knocked down a couple of pegs next season. Dear Lord that man is too smug for his own good and too scared of teenagers. I mean he has good reason to be, but wow he needs to stop.

Verena: I 100% agree with Clare when it comes to 13 Reasons Why. This second season was something that simply wasn’t needed, and it shows. I have, admittedly, not made it past episode four myself, but that’s because I have no incentive to. The first few episodes felt like a recycled season 1 all over again, and while some episodes were better than others, I feel nothing but irritation at the protagonist. Clay is actually the worst, don’t @ me. I’m in no rush to finish this disastrous second season, despite everyone’s praise for the final episode.

Emmy: Jemma not being there when Fitz died will forever cause me both pain and rage. After all they’ve been through, she needed to be there and was robbed of that.


Clare: “Now you listen to me, okay? I will not let you grow up in this place. I won’t do it. Do you hear me? They do not own you. And they do not own what you will become. Do you hear me? I’m gonna get you out of here. I’m gonna get us outta here. I promise you.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

Stephanie: “I’ve lived a life surrounded by heroes. None bigger than all of you.” Coulson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bec: Brainiac 5:” When I first got here, I assessed you as a first-level intellect.”
Winn: [deadpan] “Thank you.”
Brainiac 5: “As a reference, I’m a twelfth.”
Winn: “Oh, yes. Yes, you’ve mentioned that.”
Brainiac 5: “But now that I’ve gotten to know you, I realize that you’re actually, more accurately categorized as a one-point-four-two level intellect.”
Winn: [deadpan] “Wow. Thank-thank you”. –Supergirl

Verena: “Come on, you’re like the best husband ever. You’re like the Tiger Woods of being a husband. What he was to golf, not what he was to being a husband.” – Jake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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