4YE TV Reel Feels April 29th To May 5th

Welcome back all to another week of 4YE TV Reel Feels!

This week we were wowed by The FlashHomeland, and Agents of SHIELDRiverdale left us a little lukewarm, but Arrow knows how to strike us in the feels. The Worldkillers on Supergirl and Shadowhunters, however, really need to move the plot along.

Top Performer

Bec: I still think DeVoe is a colossal d-bag, but I really did like the performance that Kim Engelbrecht gave in “Therefore She Is”. For real, I find The Mechanic/Marlize DeVoe to become all the more compelling while I find DeVoe becoming one of the worst characters on TV. Her clearly horrible taste in men aside, Engelbrecht gives a very fascinating performance as she remembers the way things were while dealing with how things are in the future.

Stephanie: Henry Simmons’ Mack is the moral center of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I love him for it. He is the only male character not acting a bit like a martyr lately and Simmons is doing a wonderful job of having Mack walk the line of tough love and understanding heart. If it weren’t for him, no one would’ve stepped up and properly confronted Fitz about his actions and that was very needed.

Emmy: Only because Verena hasn’t added her thoughts to the feels before me this week will I be beating her to the punch and nominating Colin Donnell on Arrow. His return to the show as Tommy Merlyn (but not really Tommy Merlyn) was fantastic and effortless. It truly was a pleasure to see him as one of my favorite Merlyns on the show (RIP Merlyn Men) again, and goes to show you that they should have never let him go.

Verena: What Emmy said. Colin Donnell is precious and needs to come back to this shadow of a show as soon as humanly possible, before I completely lose interest.

Clare: OMG Claire Danes!!! That Homeland finale was intense and everything we love best about not only Carrie Mathison but Claire Danes. The range of emotion, the surrendering of herself for the team and the strength she shows in undergoing Russian interrogation and then her return to Saul at the end. I can’t believe that we only have one more season of Homeland, but I’m interested to see what Danes will go on to next.

Top Episode

Bec: Watch John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous on Netflix and thank me later.

Emmy: The season opener of Dancing With The Stars is my pick. Adam Rippon came to slay and the fact that they did a double elimination right of the bat left me gasping.

Clare: The Handmaid’s Tale’s “Baggage” was such a rollercoaster ride for both Elisabeth Moss’ June and the audience. All throughout the episode you just knew that she wasn’t going to get away (a. It was all waaayyyy too easy, and b. It’s only the third episode of the second season), but you just didn’t know just when she would be caught. It was also really interesting to see another part of Gilead and another group of people who inhabit it.

Top Moment

Bec: At times, I feel like Lili Reinhart is on a very different show than Riverdale. But oh damn those final moments in “Shadow of a Doubt” on Riverdale shows that she’s a talent to watch. Absolutely chilling.

Stephanie: Daisy and Yo-Yo fighting out their feelings on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was cathartic for them and for me. There has been so much tension and bad blood brewing for weeks now. It was time to throw some punches and let out some of that bottled up resentment. But actually, the best part was probably when May stepped in and told Yo-Yo to be useful or get out. Because, look, I love Yo-Yo but lately she’s always doing her own thing without thinking about the team and not sharing vital information she has about the future.

Emmy: Bianca Del Rio’s return to RuPaul’s Drag Race made my whole week. I have missed that clown in a dress and her interactions with the queens just made me nostalgic for the queens of the past. I also loved that it was during the Snatch Game episode, which is also a fave of mine every season.

Verena: TOMMY MERLYN’S RETURN ON ARROW. I’ll fight you on this. It might not have been the real Tommy, but it was still the best thing to happen all week. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Clare: The final scene in Homeland’s “Paean to the People” with the exchange of Carrie after seven months in Russian custody. She’s broken, she’s obviously suffering from a prolonged episode since she had her medication withheld from her, and we’ve never seen her look so bad (and we’ve seen her look bad over the past seven seasons). Just how much of our Carrie is left and how the past seven months in captivity has changed her is left to be seen. And we have to wait till next year to find out.

Most Disappointing

Bec: I am so over the freaking Worldkillers on Supergirl. The entire CW-DC shows (outside of Black Lightning) need to revise how they handle their Big Bads during the season. Even though Mallus was boring af on Legends, at least they were doing different things that didn’t make the plot so… there.

Stephanie: Now Glenn Talbot is the major villain on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Season 5 has really struggled to have a compelling antagonist and Talbot aka Graviton is just another throwaway, it seems to me. Is he more interesting than Kasius, Sinara, or Ruby? Yes. Do I find this storyline tedious? Also yes.

Emmy: I am also with Stephanie on this and could go on about how much I dislike the fact that Talbot is now a baddie (for more expanded thoughts, definitely listen to our podcast). I just need them not use someone we have actually grown to like as the villain considering that they have a major villain of sorts already in the Confederacy.

Verena: In a world where every episode of Riverdale moves us one step closer towards the black hood mystery, last week’s episode lacked a bit in all departments. There wasn’t much development, or tension, or really much of anything. That randomly thrown-in sex scene didn’t save it either. Please, can we get back to the drama?

Clare: I am starting to really get over Lilith and her attempts to bring back Jonathan from the dead in Shadowhunters. Just bloody well get on with it. We all know that she is almost likely to succeed but that the shadowhunters and friends will stop her at the last minute (or at least I hope that happens as I haven’t read the books) but the lead up is just too long and needs to be wrapped up asap.



Fitz: “Ruby was dangerous and it got complicated and that is just the way it was. So I’m sorry if that doesn’t fit whatever narrative that you’ve built for yourself.”
Mack: “You need to look inside yourself and figure out what kind of man you want to be. ‘Cause lately, what you’ve been, it needs fixing.” – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “The One Who Will Save Us All”


“This looks bigger than the O.J. trial.”

“How would you know? You were in, like, the fourth grade.”

“Yeah, but I watched American Crime Story.”

Curtis (Echo Kellum) takes stock of Oliver’s trial attendees, Arrow


Jake: “Why don’t we take this map and this sextant and chart a course to the restaurant?”
Holt: “Title of your sextant tape.”
Jake: “Ah, did not work at all, but I love that you attempted it. Title of your sextant tape!”

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Clare: “Get the fuck out of my White House.” – Vice President Warner to Senator Paley, Homeland

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