4YE Celebrates Chris Colfer’s Birthday With A Look Back At Some Of His Best TV And Film Scenes

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While we have enjoyed having the opportunity to escape into a new adventure that Chris Colfer has plotted for us at least once every year for the past six years or so, we have missed seeing the star grace our screens and blowing us away with his acting. So to celebrate the acclaimed actor/singer/author and soon-to-be director’s birthday, we are taking a look back at some of his classic moments on TV and film.

Though billed as a comedy, Glee tackled some pretty serious storylines over its six years and the writers utilised Chris’ amazing ability to tap into the vulnerability, pain, and complexities of his character Kurt Hummel for a number of these. Chris’ performance resonated with audiences worldwide; we shared his pain, we cried with him and for him, and often times just wanted to reach into the screen and give him one humungous hug. No doubt this all contributed to him taking home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Comedy Actor in 2011.

Kurt comes out to his father

You really cannot have a retrospective looking back at Chris’ acting career without including this scene. It’s perfect in every way. The work done by both Chris and Mike O’Malley (Burt) and the coming out scene itself is iconic, even for non-Glee fans.

Why can’t I slow dance at my prom

Again more fantastic work between Chris and O’Malley. The pain, the frustration and yet the desire and hope for something better is so palpable, it’s electric.

Kurt’s Turn

I had to include one video of Chris singing and “Kurt’s Turn” will always be a standout for me as it was really the first time we really heard Chris in the series and got to experience what a powerhouse he was. I love everything about this performance and the raw passion behind it.

Kurt finds out Blaine’s dating Karofsky

Glee’s season 6 was… baffling/rough/excruciating (and so many other things) for fans of Chris, Kurt and Klaine. However, all that crap produced some amazing performances from Chris. His breakdown in the toilets had me breaking down on my couch.

Ryan Kendall breaks your heart in 8

Chris’ ability to infuse pathos into his characters was never more evident than in his turn as witness Ryan Kendall in the one night performance of 8, the play on federal trial that led to the overturning of California’s Proposition 8 – an amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Chris’ character gave evidence on his experiences being gay and going through conversion therapy. It’s raw, it’s from the heart and so powerful. Chris certainly held his own with a stellar cast that included George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, and Brad Pitt. Definitely check out the entire play if you haven’t already.

Kurt serves it up in Glee

It certainly can’t be disputed that Chris shines in dramatic scenes, however, he also possesses truly fantastic comedic timing. All through Glee’s six seasons, Chris’ knack of delivering the perfect one-liner or cracking us up with just a simple glance, head tilt or dismissal was on display. Check out the fan video below compiling just a few examples of this.

Camping it up on Absolutely Fabulous

Chris joined a who’s-who of special guest stars appearing in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, showcasing his comedic skills to a worldwide movie audience. Long-time fan of the series, creator Jennifer Saunders specifically wrote hairdresser Christopher for him and boy did he fit in well with the OTT, comedic craziness that is AbFab.

Comedy, Drama and Screenwriting combine in Struck by Lightning

Chris ability to have you laughing one minute and then in tears the next was never more evident than in his 2012 writing debut Struck by Lightning. You shared Carson’s suffocation of being in small-town USA and drive to escape and finally have a chance to be himself and recognised and appreciated for that. You also laughed and snarked along with Carson and Mallory (Rebel Wilson) as they did all they could to survive senior year.

Happy birthday Chris. We hope to add to this list and see you back on our screens some time soon.

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