Why Would Celebrities Play The Lottery?

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“Celebrities”, “the rich and famous”, “stars”. Whatever you wish to call them, they’re probably stinking rich and don’t need the lottery money as much as us normal people. Many celebrities, however, play the lottery in their spare time, including those who you would think of as having cash coming out of their ears.

For some, it is about the winnings (perhaps they bought one jet too many), for others it is for the fun of it. With social media, the mystique of celebrity has finally been busted.

Here’s the last mystery: Who is playing the lotto?

1. Hugh Jackman

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Hugh Jackman, a.k.a Wolverine and star of several smash hit musicals, doesn’t need to play to get rich. Jackman has reportedly taken part not for himself, but for crew members on films when he sees that they need to bond.

He has seen that this activity can be a great leveller, especially when people start to chat about how they’re going to spend their winnings when they play the lottery online or in person. Jackman continues the tradition whenever he starts a new movie, as he considers it a fun way for everyone on set to grow closer.

2. Paris Hilton

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Wealthy heiress Paris Hilton plays the lotto, but her intentions are a little less charitable than Jackman’s. Hilton previously starred in a reality television show, The Simple Life, in which she and Nicole Richie complete tasks that would usually be reserved for normal people.

Whilst Paris playing the lottery was never featured in the show, she has been rumoured to have played. Hilton has declared that if she wins, she’ll only donate 10% of her winnings to charity.

In her defence, she did buy the ticket…

3. Madonna

Unlike Hilton, the queen of pop has a track record of using the lottery as a way to give back to those in need.

A regular player of Italy’s SuperEnlato, she hit the jackpot back in 2012. The “Lucky Star” singer bought 100 tickets and won around €120,000. She immediately donated every penny to help to build a school in Malawi, South Africa.

She has pledged to build more, proving that even the biggest stars can have huge hearts.

4. George Clooney

Continuing the trend of celebrities who play the lotto for good causes, George Clooney has been one to try his luck. Clooney is known in Hollywood as a generous man who likes to give back to his community. He is very politically active and enjoys helping those in need.

In 2010, he invested over £1,000 on lottery tickets in order to help victims of the Haiti earthquake. Whilst his lottery bid was unsuccessful, he did host a telethon with musical guests. It raised millions of pounds for the Haiti Relief Fund.

The demystification of celebrities is interesting. Whether it’s wearing no makeup for the day or playing the lottery, celebrities are just like us.

Whilst they may not be playing the lottery in the hope of being able to afford their first house, for the most part, their intentions are noble. Even if they were planning on keeping the money for themselves, who could judge?

Celebrities have done more outrageous things in their time.

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