“The Honeymoon” Doesn’t Go As Expected On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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If there was ever a sign that we’re nearing the end of an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season it’s when things start to happen in rapid succession. This week delivered the hyped-up fight between Daisy and Ruby, revealed Ruby’s true allegiance, and started poking holes in FitzSimmons and Yo-Yo’s immortality.

We begin on the snowy mountain where Coulson and Talbot are on the run from Ruby, who used the teleportation device to follow them. Daisy shows up at just the right moment to stop Ruby from finishing off the two men. While Deke and May get the guys to the plane, Daisy shows Ruby why no fan ever believed this would be an even fight. Daisy handily counters Ruby at every turn, even if she does suffer a minor cut or two, and then quakes her against a tree. Deke runs out to secure Ruby’s weapons and is shot by Hale, who followed her daughter. The team is able to escape but Deke is badly wounded. They make for the Lighthouse, unaware that Simmons is not there to treat him.

Piper finally finds Mack locked in Fitz’s cell and they greet the returning rescue team. Without Simmons, the burden falls to Piper and Mack to operate on Deke and save his life. While they’re doing that, May gives Coulson a piece of her mind about his reckless attitude and how he’s given up on his life. She calls him out for pushing Daisy into leadership when she’s not ready and for selfishly deciding to embrace death rather than let the people who love him help. “And that’s me. I love you.” !!!!! Excuse me while I go scream for several minutes.

Thankfully, Piper and Mack are able to save Deke but he nearly bleeds out on the table. When he comes around and while on large amounts of drugs, to their dismay (Mack) and enjoyment (Piper) he admits he wants to kiss Daisy. Mack knocks him out with more drugs before Daisy walks in to say they got a ping off one of the robot drones.

Simmons, her hubby, and Yo-Yo are sneaking around an old HYDRA facility in England. They find the components for a particle infuser and destroy a key part of it, rendering the machine unusable. But Ivanov and his robot cronies discover the trio and engage in a firefight. Yo-Yo tries her signature move to superspeed their guns right out of their hands but comes back empty-handed and in severe pain. Her new arms aren’t built to move at superspeed so she’s told to go call for backup. Fitz and Simmons, who have promised never to leave each other’s side, stay behind to hold off the guards.

Yo-Yo doesn’t make it far before she encounters Ivanov. In very satisfying fashion, she destroys him. No, but literally because he’s mostly mechanical. And when he’s busted, all the cronies deactivate as well. It seems like the trio are homefree… until Ruby and Alex show up. Earlier, he’d convinced her to overpower her mom and take charge of her own fate. They left Hale’s base together and are determined to merge Ruby with the gravitonium. To that end, they threaten Simmons’ life unless Fitz repairs the broken component. He, of course, agrees.

And the kicker this week is a doozie. Grateful for his help and feeling sympathetic for his family, Daisy allows Talbot to make a quick, untraceable call home. But waiting with his wife is Hale’s right-hand woman who has Mrs. Talbot read a series of brainwashing cues asking Talbot to comply.

Field Notes

May: “I love you.”
Coulson: stunned
May: “Thought that would shut you up.”

Deke: “Is Daisy here? She’s so pretty. I wanna put my mouth on her mouth and move it around a lot, but I don’t wanna do that unless she wants to, too, because that’s what makes it nice. But I don’t think she wants that, ‘cause she does not like me one bit.”

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