The Flash’s Carlos Valdes On Cisco’s Long Distance Romance, DeVoe’s Plans, And Mystery Girl

Credit: The CW

The Flash returns tomorrow (Tuesday, April 10th), but could someone be leaving the Team?

The upcoming episode “Null and Annoyed” directed by Kevin Smith features the return of Danny Trejo’s Breacher. Apparently, he comes bearing some problems with his powers and surprising job offer for Cisco (Carlos Valdes).

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Valdes talked about the offer, long distance relationships, and more. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that our favorite tech whiz will stay on Earth-1.

About Breacher’s job offer, Valdes had this to say.

“It’s actually very difficult for them because Breacher gives Cisco an offer; he offers him a job on Earth-19 as a breacher. And so in the wake of that, Cisco has to weigh that prospect against his loyalties to Team Flash in Central City on Earth-1. That choice sort of brings up some feelings regarding where he stands with his relationship with Gypsy. And it actually complicates the long-distance relationship. So some of the problems that they encounter in the 20th episode of our fourth season are very analogous to the problems that many couples in a long-distance relationship experience in the real world. So that was very challenging to play, but it definitely represents a head, it represents a sort of open to complications between Cisco and Gypsy in their relationship, so that’s super interesting.”

It sounds like things may not be going so well with Cisco and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) in episode 20. It also looks like in the lead-up to the season four finale, Cisco may have to choose between his friends and his girlfriend.

It’s definitely not a great time for job offers with the team, especially with DeVoe running around and prepping for “the Enlightenment”.

On the Big Bad of season four, Valdes was candid about whether or things will work out with the team’s current plans of using an intelligence boosting helmet.

“There’s no telling what part of Team Flash’s actions are predestined in DeVeo’s master strategy. DeVoe could have already foreseen that outcome. What makes it especially sinister is that he doesn’t possess the emotional attachment that I think can serve as a hindrance to Team Flash’s efforts to stop DeVoe. He’s cold, he’s calculating, and he will murder or alienate whomever he has to in order to accomplish his tasks.”

Can we just all agree that having a villain that knows everything is really annoying?

On top of all of that, there’s Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who has been popping up all season. So what’s up with her?

“The mystery girl in our story is kind of a funny one. Her role is especially to lay down these little clues, these little breadcrumbs for the viewers that ultimately start paying off in terms of establishing a trajectory to season five. So that’s I think what’s going to be the big pay off when we reach the season finale.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim