The Darkest Minds Trailer Gives Us Teenagers With Superpowers On The Run

Credit: 20th Century Fox

This summer, the science fiction thriller film adaption of Alexandra Brackens’ The Darkest Minds hits theatres, and from the looks of the trailer, it is going to be incredible.

In the near future, most kids and teenagers have died of a disease. But the survivors are different. They got supernatural powers, and they are hunted because of it.

At the center of the story is Ruby, portrayed by Amandla Stenberg, and her friends Liam (Harris Dickinson), Chubs (Skylan Brooks), and Zu (Miya Cech). They are teenagers and children who developed superpowers surviving the disease, and now they are on the run together.

Ruby is a sixteen-year-old girl who runs away from her government camp and joins a group of teens. While learning how to control their powers, they need to run away. The world fears everyone under 18 because they know of the powers that surviving kids developed. And the group needs to run away from the government – or more specific, they run away from Lady Jane, a bounty hunter of teens who escape from the camp. Lady Jane will be portrayed by Gwendoline Christie and is the villain in this upcoming sci-fi thriller.

The Darkest Minds is based on the Young-Adult-Book series by Alexandra Brackens. In total, there are four books in the whole series even though it’s not clear yet if they all will be turned into movies. The director of The Darkest Minds is Jennifer Yuh Nelson. This will be her first non-animated film to direct after the two Kung Fu Panda movies she directed.

The tone of the film is a mix of X-Men, Stranger Things, and Maze Runner. It is an adventure with young strong characters and Amandla Stenberg as the female lead. So if you liked stories like these, you should definitely not miss out on The Darkest Minds. The movie will be in theatres on August 3, 2018.