Simmons Tries To Prove She Can’t Die In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Inside Voices”

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The callbacks continue on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this time all the way back to season one and a story I definitely forgot. As the team searches for Coulson, he’s looking for a way out of Hale’s clutches and Ruby is trying to find a way to get her hands on the gravitonium. Plans are shifting into motion.

Hale, looking very Madame HYDRA in her all black pantsuit, is using Carl Creel to test out the gravitonium. But as soon as he touches it, he’s hit with visions of Franklin Hall, a scientist we met in season 1 who was absorbed into the gravitonium. Creel doesn’t want anything to do with the substance after that and he can’t get visions of Hall out of his head. He goes to Coulson for some answers and Coulson quickly turns the tables by revealing Creel’s friend General Talbot is being held and tortured by Hale. The pair goes in search of the wayward general.

The burden of leadership is already starting to bother Daisy. Half of the team disagrees with her decision to keep Fitz locked up, especially because he supposedly has a legitimate lead on what Hale is doing with the gravitonium. Daisy and May go to pick up young Robin for some help finding Coulson and Mack is left in charge. He’s under strict orders to keep Fitz secured. But Simmons is ready to do whatever is necessary to change that. She reveals to Yo-Yo her belief that she and Fitz can’t die, just like Yo-Yo believes she can’t. The three form a plan to get Fitz free and follow his lead.

This plan involves some pretty dangerous decisions. Simmons proposes proving to Mack that she cannot die by blindly drinking from cups that contain either water or a deadly liquid. Even Fitz isn’t on board with this plan. When Simmons downs the second to last cup and collapses, Mack lets Fitz out to help save her. That’s when Yo-Yo puts Mack in the cell instead. Before the trio takes off, Simmons reveals the final cup, the only one she didn’t drink, did, in fact, have the deadly substance in it.

Finding Robin and her mom is easy enough but the little girl is even less communicative than usual. Weeks ago she drew a picture of her own, future death and hasn’t drawn anything since. However, she opens up once she sees and embraces May, who she refers to as “Mommy.” Unfortunately, she tells May that Coulson is going to die. But she also draws a picture of Coulson and Talbot in front of some mountains, which gives Daisy something to search for.

Creel and Coulson have found Talbot in his cell and are on their way out of the facility when the alarm sounds. Hale dispatches Ruby and two robot drones to take them down but with strict instructions to bring in Creel alive. While he fights Ruby one-on-one, Coulson and Talbot use the alien teleporter to jump to another place on Earth, exactly where Robin drew them. Despite her mom’s orders, Ruby still nearly kills Creel and her zeal impresses Hale enough to earn Ruby the right to chase after Coulson and Talbot.

The final scene is a throwback to four years ago when Raina was one of the main antagonists for S.H.I.E.L.D. She and Quinn are transporting the gravitonium but then she opens the box for the substance, no doubt directed by the consciousness of Hall within it, to absorb Quinn too.

Field Notes

  • Yo-Yo: “You can’t protect me forever Mack.”
    Mack: “Did you ever stop to think you’re alive in the future because I did?”
  • Coulson: “You can tell the general there’s nothing you can do to make her join her Evil League of Evil.”
  • Here’s the problem with Simmons’ “invincible” theory: In the flashbacks to the future that we saw, we know she’s dead.
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