RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: The Bossy Rossy Show Brought Tensions To The Fore

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Welcome to RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 episode 5, and whilst I am still struggling to find my favourite queen out of the pack, I am rapidly developing my list of queens I am over. Let’s see if “The Bossy Rossy Show” can help change my view.

The drama that erupted between Eureka and The Vixen on Untucked last week is still brewing and The Vixen is showing her true colours as a nasty, manipulative, vindictive queen who is hiding behind the armour of being a “nasty queen”. Will this attitude eventually come to hurt her in the future? I can only hope so. This drama brews throughout the episode with The Vixen being aggressive to Eureka even up until the runway.

The Mini Challenge this week was for the girls to join the Drag army with The Vixen winning the mini challenge and with it the power to choose the duos who will work together on “The Bossy Rossy Show”, and she felt that by pairing Aquaria and Eureka together it would cause them both to fail.

There is no doubt that this was one of the stronger improv challenges they have done over the years, but I think we need a change from acting challenges for a little bit.

In the main challenge, as with all improv challenges, there were some real stand out stars and others who failed to land their joke. Eureka STOLE the show as the big baby and Aquaria was still strong with The Vixen not taking it as far as she could have (Karma anyone?)

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Eureka, Kameron Michaels, and Blair St Clair all worked the runway to their advantage, and The Vixen came out in the bottom three and only for the fact that Mayhem Miller completely missed the mark on her runway look The Vixen could have been in trouble. Let’s hope this shock will bring her down a peg or two, but realistically that is unlikely, and I am already prepping myself for her complaining about it next week.

Mini-Challenge: Military Drag

Mini-Challenge Winners: The Vixen

Main Challenge:  The Bossy Rossy Show

Runway Theme: Denim and Diamonds

Main Challenge Winner: Eureka

Bottom Two: Monet X Change and Mayhem Miller

Lip Sync Song: “Man I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain

Shantay You Stay: Monet X Change

Sashay Away: Mayhem Miller

As with last week, there are some queens that appear to be fading into the background and you only remember they are in the show when they appear on the runway or in the challenges.

Will this change next week? Let’s hope so.

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