RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: DragCon Panels Bring Queens Back From The Brink And Judging Brings A Shock From One Queen

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Welcome to RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 episode 6, and this week’s episode is time to see the Queens being set challenges we haven’t seen before, and at this point in the competition, something different is always welcome.

The mini challenge of the week was called “Sitting on a Secret” where the Queens had to play a game of “guess what they are sitting on” and there were, of course, some hilarious and eyebrow-raising moments.

Ru revealed that for the main challenge, the queens would be splitting into trios and they would host their own RuPaul’s DragCon style panel featuring talks on Body, Face, and Wigs, oh yes and they could all choose who they wanted to work with. Ru also explained that the audience members would have a say in the final standings of the queens this week, and just like a real Con panel, the audience would be able to ask questions.

After having an amazing week last week Eureka made the decision to work with Kameron and Monét X Change who were being a little left behind.

Each of the groups seemed to naturally settled into the topic which suited their strengths:

Body – Eureka, Monét X Change, Kameron Michaels
Wigs – Miz Cracker, Blair St Clair, The Vixen
Face – Monique Heart, Aquaria, Asia O’Hara

In the workroom during planning their panels, we finally learnt more about Kameron and the journey he has gone through to get to the show, and he also highlighted prejudice he received in the Drag community for having a masculine body. Eureka will be of course talking about working with the larger body, and as a group, they coined the phrase “proportionizing” which could become the next “Vanjie”.

The runway challenge is “Hats Incredible”, and yet again Monique is flying by the seat of her highly sequinned pants for her runway look.

During the runway prep, we discover that Monét isn’t out as a Drag Queen to her family in St. Lucia and not for the first time this season we see that there are still sections of our society who would still reject someone for being a Drag Queen or being active in the gay community.

First up with their panel was Kameron Michaels, Monét X Change and Eureka and their “Proportionizing” panel was entertaining, informative and had a positive message showing that there is space for everyone in the drag community regardless of shape or size.  Their panel was asked about the importance of drag in the current political climate, and the answer Eureka gave was perfect and showed that drag can be a safe haven for all in this difficult world. Their practical demonstration of “Proportionizing” was hilarious.

Next up was Monique Heart, Aquaria, and Asia O’Hara with “Painting For Filth” and Monique showed off her brilliant comic wit and although most of the panel landed their quips, the panel could have been better, but their message of where what you want is also a great message. Their practical demonstration was slightly frantic and felt rushed and slightly confusing.

Last but no means least Blair St. Clair, Miz Cracker, and The Vixen brought us “Wigsaholics” and it was the panel that tried but failed to land, due in no small part to The Vixen with her look and her delivery which can’t help but come across as downright bitchy rather than on the right shade of shady. Their practical demonstration was the weakest of the three and the audience did seem the least connected to this panel than the rest.

When the queens hit the runway, most of the Queens brought their A! Game but I do wish a couple of would do something different, and for me, one queen definitely failed to meet the challenge to the same degree as the rest.

Credit: Drag Race

Quite rightly Eureka, Monét and Kameron were the top three of the week (especially as we all know Monét hasn’t had the best weeks recently) with Blair, The Vixen and Miz Cracker finding themselves in the bottom three. During judges critique, we learnt something about Blair which rendered the panel and the remaining Queens speechless, and it will hopefully bring the topic of male sexual assault to a more open discussion – we love you, Blair.

Mini-Challenge: Sitting on a Secret

Mini-Challenge Winners: Asia O’Hara

Main Challenge:  Drag Con Panels

Runway Theme: Hats Incredible

Main Challenge Winner: Eureka

Bottom Two: Blair St. Clair and The Vixen

Lip Sync Song: “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross

Shantay You Stay: The Vixen

Sashay Away: Blair St. Clair

Eureka rightly won this week, making her the first Queen to win two challenges in a row, and Blair and The Vixen found themselves in the bottom two, and there is no doubt that like her or loath her The Vixen deserved to stay as her lip sync slayed Blair.

Perhaps this risk of going home will make The Vixen realise that she is not invincible and we will see a nicer side to her.

Come back next week for the week we have ALL been waiting for …. It’s The Snatch Game, and as we can see from the promo below, our Ultimate Drag Race Queen comes back to the workroom!

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