Ralph Considers Crossing A Dangerous Line To Beat DeVoe In “Lose Yourself” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Can I just reiterate how much I hate Clifford DeVoe? I feel like I’ve been saying that all season. Dear God, he’s so boring. Now he’s an abusive jackwagon, who is drugging his wife and keeping her compliant and docile. When she figures it out, then the cycle starts over and over again. I’m just…so done with him.

Last week, the team went after Janet Petty, a thief known as Null, who can affect density. Now it’s down to the final bus meta Edwin Gauss. Breacher’s also losing his powers due to his age and has retired. He’s offered Cisco a job on Earth-19, working with Gypsy. Also Harry’s started to really overly rely on his Thinking Cap and woke up the Time Room’s Gideon.

Barry and Ralph had to bond with each other. Again.

So let’s see where we go this week, shall we?

Searchers: Barry and Ralph go back to the bus where the bus metas were born in order to look for clues on Edwin Gauss. The two of them talk about strategies to deal with DeVoe. Ralph thinks that they’ll need to consider killing DeVoe. Barry says heroes don’t have to kill. (Um?) It turns out that Ralph remembers Gauss, who paid his bus fare. Gauss is also showing up on the Cisco’s latest device, meant to rack dark matter. Like his entire body. Harry calls a meeting at STAR Labs, who has a fractal tuning fork made to defeat DeVoe. It mimics Izzy’s powers and named it the Sonic Scepter. It turns out that Harry, unsurprisingly, is over-relying on his Thinking Cap. Joe approaches Cisco in concern about said over-reliance. Iris goes to visit Caitlin, who has figured out the science behind Killer Frost. Apparently, she and KF also have a note system now. The team gets a signal on DeVoe’s pocket dimension alert…And it’s not him. It’s Gauss, who is mailing a letter. He then falls back into the pocket dimension in shock.

Disappearance: Team Flash goes over Gauss and his powers, who wants off-grid before it was a thing. He apparently only enters and exits his very own pocket dimension. DeVoe wants his powers so he doesn’t need to rely on his chair. Harry uses the Cap to figure out Gauss’ activity from DeVoe’s. Joe goes to talk with Harry about his addiction with the Thinking Cap. Harry gets defensive over it. He expresses his concern over everything. Harry reiterates that he’s not using dark matter with that Cap. Joe doesn’t entirely believe him but leaves Harry to it. Harry then enters the Time Room. Joe doubles back to check it out. Caitlin, Barry, and Ralph go looking for Gauss at a commune. They also named him the Folded Man. Caitlin splits up from Barry and Ralph to go looking for Gauss. Ralph and Barry discuss the Kill Rule regarding DeVoe. Barry champions that there’s always another way. Caitlin found Gauss, who Barry stops. They tell him he’s in danger. He asks if that’s why they brought the Ninja. Once of DeVoe’s Samuroid’s stabs Caitlin. Barry decapitates the robot and grabs Caitlin. DeVoe through the Samuroid taunts Ralph.

Worry: Caitlin’s already healed by the time they’re back to STAR Labs. Ralph, meanwhile, has a freak out over what happened. He wants DeVoe dead. Ralph, however, is not buying it, asking why they’re so surprised that DeVoe is already ahead of them. Ralph goes to have some Pringles in the Pipeline where Gauss is enjoying himself. (Side note: I love him. I’m going to be sad when he goes away.) Apparently, Gauss found the DeVoe pocket dimension by ascending his mind high enough. He probably got super high. Ralph has a plan though and grabs Gauss. Cisco is working on a model of the Enterprise. Harry comes storming in, looking for the Thinking Cap. He freaks out and destroys the Enterprise at Cisco, Joe did. Joe’s certain that Harry is addicted to the Cap. He just wants Harry to consider about what the Cap is making him do to the people he cares about. Ralph and Gauss are ready to enact his plan. Barry confronts Ralph, who plans to kill DeVoe with the Sonic Scepter. It leads to a fight between Barry and Ralph, who Barry one shots in a pretty impressive use of his powers.

Buddy: Ralph wakes up to Barry watching over him. The two of them talk about their different approaches to DeVoe. Ralph isn’t scared of what DeVoe will do to him. He doesn’t care about himself. He wants to end DeVoe because of the danger that Team Flash is in. The Team is the only family Ralph ever had outside of his mother. He refuses to let DeVoe take his family away from him. Barry gently asks about what they want. They like Ralph the Hero. He leaves Ralph to think on that. Iris and Barry agree that going into DeVoe’s pocket dimension using Gauss is a decent idea. They all need to be in agreement. Gauss opens the pocket dimension, where a hologram of DeVoe is waiting for them. The DeVoes take over STAR Labs while Cisco, KF and Barry are in the pocket dimension. Well…shit.

Lockdown: DeVoe has everything locked down with Joe, Harry, and Iris locked in the Speed Lab. Iris uses a worst-case scenario explosive earring to blow open the door. Iris and Harry go to the Cortex and Cisco’s lab to get DeVoe’s chair and his encryption keys. Ralph goes to face down DeVoe, who heads to the Pipeline. He also animates the T-Rex using Bison’s powers. Iris heads to face down Marlize. The two are pretty fighting in single aired combat. Harry goes to get the Thinking Cap and increases the dark matter feed with Gideon. It knocks him out. Fantastic. Ralph continues running away from the T-Rex. He destroys it with a single punch. DeVoe meanwhile has taken over Gauss’ body and killed the rest. He declares that Ralph will die for him. Ralph attacks him with the Sonic Scepter and s ready to kill him. Iris stabs herself with Marlize’s sword in order to open the pocket dimension. Joe also killed the Samuroid off screen. Barry goes to look for DeVoe. Ralph captures DeVoe, but he breaks free. DeVoe takes over Ralph’s body, killing him. It’s time for the Enlightenment apparently. He defeats KF, Cisco and Barry with ease.

Failure: With Ralph’s death, everyone is feeling the weight of DeVoe’s Enlightenment. Barry runs off, not wanting to talk. Iris goes after him. Caitlin comes to see Cisco and asks him and Harry for help. She doesn’t feel right. It’s because of DeVoe has absorbed Killer Frost. Barry heads to Ralph’s office to begin to pack things up, taking his time to handle it. Iris tries to talk with Barry, but he doesn’t want to talk right now. Slowly yet surely, Barry packs up Ralph’s office. He pours a drink out for his buddy before leaving, promising Ralph that he’ll keep them safe. Meanwhile the DeVoes celebrate with him returning to his original form using Ralph’s powers. There are plans to use siphoned dark matter to begin the Enlightenment.

Bec Heim