Paul Bettany On Why He Didn’t Join The Crown

Credit: Getty Images

Just a little bit ago, we have received the news that Tobias Menzies will play Prince Philip in season three and four of Netflix’s The Crown, thus replacing Matt Smith as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Though, before it was announced that Menzies would take over the role, another actor negotiated with Netflix about the part but had to pull end talks with the streaming service.

Paul Bettany, who is best known for his role as Vision in the MCU, was close to playing Prince Philip.  He could not and it was rumored that scheduling issues might have been the reason for our loss.

While promoting the new Avengers: Infinity War, Bettany appeared on Lorraine (via DigitalSpy) and besides discussing the upcoming movie, they have also talked about The Crown and the failed negotiations.

On the talk show, the actor confirmed the previously supposed reason:

“We discussed it. We just couldn’t come to terms on dates really. [That] is all that happened.”

Although, it is quite disappointing when something like busy schedules keeps us from getting a fantastic actor for such a great character. I am sure that Tobias Menzies will do a great job too. Maybe we will be able to see Paul Bettany in the show nevertheless, just in a different role. (A girl can still hope).

Bettany assured the audience that he is still going to watch the next seasons of The Crown. He will remain a fan, even though he won’t be in it (for now).

“100%, I’ll remain a fan of it – it’s fantastic.”

We might not be able to see him in the upcoming season three of The Crown. We will be able to see Paul Bettany as Vision again when Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters across the globe on April 27th.

Anna Hattingen