Oh What A Day! It’s Time To Live Historic In “Fury Rogue” On This Week’s The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

So last week was certainly something, huh? All the bus metas are pretty dead, including Ralph. DeVoe is still an abusive asshole who is keeping his wife drugged and ignorant to stay with him. Killer Frost is just gone from Caitlin. Cisco has a job offer on the table from Breacher to move to Earth-19. Harry got zapped with a metric ton of dark matter due to his over reliance on the Thinking Cap.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the “happier, lighter” season?

Well, at least Leo Snart is coming back. That’s something.

Let’s see what’s going on this week, shall we?

Flowers For Wells: Harry is experiencing Flowers for Algernon like symptoms over what happened with the Thinking Cap. (He did kind of bring this on himself.) Barry and Iris go to counseling to talk about losing Ralph. Iris is working through her grief, but Barry is shoving it down. He said that he knows how to deal with death better. The therapist caution that grief is something that is deal with on their own terms. Marlize is utterly pleased by her husband’s return (though he is planning on drugging her). Ralph’s cells are helping DeVoe keep things focused. Marlize wants to spend time with her husband, but he wants to build their device. He also wants her to leave the thinking to him. Cisco looks at the Thinking Cap next to Ralph’s Whoopee Cushion. He wants to put on the Thinking Cap, but Harry stops him. He admits he was addicted to it. Cisco wants to build a second Cap for him, two heads are better than one. Caitlin watches the footage of losing Killer Frost. They don’t know why DeVoe would want KF’s powers. Three pocket dimensions open in Keystone City. They figured that DeVoe wants Fallout. They need to move him somewhere off grid and find a way to cool him down. On Earth-X, Leo Snart is hunting his prey. Apparently, the Rebellion is in charge and the Nazi Regime is destroyed. His prey turns out to be Earth-X’s Laurel Lance also with powers. She gets the drop on when Barry and Cisco come in to get his help. Using her abilities, however, she opens the breach to Earth-1 further and follows them through.

Execute The Plan: Leo has been sufficiently briefed on everything. He’s pretty well-informed on everything. He does, however, have to get back to Earth-X by the next day to marry Ray. (Awww!) They have a special suit for Fallout and want his cold gun as back-up. They figure he is just out of left field enough. With Cisco and Harry, they test Cisco’s Cap, but Harry sabotages it. With Marlize and DeVoe, they’re talking about Fallout’s move. She tries to get romantic with her husband by wearing his favorite dress. He doesn’t want his wife. He wants the Mechanic. (God what an asshole.) Leo and Barry run over the plan together. He tries to get Barry to talk about his feelings with Ralph. Barry insists he’s okay and trying to stay on task. Leo talks about the deaths of those who served under him, each and every one. He doesn’t want to die before getting married to Ray. Siren-X makes her own plans to follow them to Fallout.

Radioactive: Fallout is very trusting to Team Flash during the move. Caitlin has injected them with a special serum in case the suit doesn’t work out. They run over the plan one last time. Barry gives a speech about keeping focus. Leo warns him again about dealing with his feelings. On the route, Caitlin and Leo talk about KF’s absence. He reassures her that it’s okay to miss someone they lost. Then there’s pocket dimension activity from DeVoe: he messes with weight and the comms before appearing. DeVoe taunts them and messes with Barry’s head. He offers to ease his pain when Siren-X shows up. She knocks out Barry, Leo, and DeVoe. Fallout wants to leave. Caitlin tries to stop him. They find Joe being held by Siren-X at gunpoint, declaring the truck is hers. Barry and Leo return to STAR Labs to figure out what to do about Siren-X. Leo pretty much confirms that she wants vengeance and to kill them all. Iris tells Leo to go talk to Barry. Cisco has to go make and work the Thinking Cap. The two of them get into a fight and Harry breaks the Thinking Cap. He finally comes clean with Cisco about the Cap and what’s happening with him. Harry admits that he felt like nothing and now he’s about to lose the only value he had to the team. DeVoe is pissed that the scenario didn’t play out as he calculated. Barry was supposed to defeat Siren-X, not freeze. Marlize points out that DeVoe didn’t calculate the emotion. With Barry, Leo pushes his buttons until he exclaims that he can’t grieve for Ralph right now. Leo points out that he can’t outrun grief. Joe and Caitlin are taken by Siren-X with Fallout to the CCPD.

Witness Me: Siren-X continues to hold the CCPD hostage and makes Fallout take off his helmet. Joe tries to make a grab for the gun. She uses her powers to agitate Fallout’s powers. Both Leo and Caitlin start to fire their cold guns. Barry freezes again with memories of Ralph while Leo demands he deal with the pain. Barry gets a hit on Siren-X as he tries to deal with the pain. It gives Leo and Caitlin time to regroup and start to cool him down. Caitlin puts the helmet on him. Barry, however, goes to his former lab where Joe goes to him. He tells Joe that he failed Ralph and that’s what got him killed. Joe offers Barry some comfort, hugging him as Barry cries into his coat. Fallout is safely off the grid now, like way off the grid. Leo is now off in Snart’s clothes to get married to Ray. Cisco gives him an interdimensional extrapolator, just in case. He says his goodbye to Team Flash. Leo tell Barry to treat himself with as much kindness and respect as those around him. Iris checks in with Barry, who tells her he made an appointment with the therapist. Iris checks in with Caitlin who looks at the notes from KF. She admits that she can live without KF, but she doesn’t want to. With Iris, she rechecks her blood work. Even though the dark matter is gone, there is still some kind of cryogenic anomaly in her blood. Harry prepares to head back to Earth-2 where Cisco confronts him. He tells Harry that he has more to the team than just brains. Cisco says that they can find out a way to fix Harry’s brain, which means he needs to tell the team what happened. Harry can’t do it today though. Cisco doesn’t push. At therapy, Barry talks about Ralph, his guilt, and his grief. Fallout is currently at the ARGUS black ops site in a containment unit. The DeVoes watch together. DeVoe tells Marlize that emotions will only hurt them in the end. She turns away to hide her tears from her husband.

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