Lost In Space EP And Cast Talk About Female Representation In The Reboot

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new reboot Lost in Space is just merely days away. Fans around the world cannot wait to join the Robinsons on their adventure and journey to their new home.

The first time the show was around, times were different, the creators of the reboot decided to change it up a bit and adapt Lost In Space to our present time. They discussed the changes at last night’s (April 10th premiere for the show, reported Variety.

“I think the gender roles in the first series are definitely a product of their time and aren’t really what we want to see on TV right now,” Burk Sharpless, executive producer of the show, said.

He added that the audience will still have “optimistic, exciting” feelings when watching the Robinson family in space. He talked a bit about the updates as well.

“Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) [is] an incredibly intelligent rocket scientist [and], frankly, almost is in charge of the family.”

It sounds like a change that a lot of audience members will definitely enjoy. Molly Parker was just as glad about the change the producers decided to make:

“It just seems there is a correction being made now that needed to be made a long time ago as far as I’m concerned, but at least it’s starting to happen now.”

They not only changed the role of women in the show to make them more important characters, but they have gender-swapped an entire character.

Dr. Smith was originally portrayed by Jonathan Harris, but is now being played by Parker Posey in the Netflix reboot.

The actress was also a huge fan of the show when it first aired. She was honored to play a character she loved so much as a child and to perform an homage to the actor.

We will be able to see these ladies in action on Friday the 13th when the entire first season Lost in Space is going to be released on Netflix.

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