Legends Of Tomorrow Ups Jes Macallan To Series Regular For Season Four

Credit: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow will have its season finale next week.

While this season has certainly been a wild ride, the recently renewed show is looking to have an even crazier season four. With Matt Ryan boarding full time as John Constantine plus faves returning, the only recurring characters fans have been waiting to hear on is Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan).

The recently revealed clone from 2213 and Time Bureau Director is going through some stuff right now. Throughout the season, she’s been a foe than ally to the Legends. She and Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) have been an adorable couple that fans have been rooting for. We were really hoping that we would get more of the character and the relationship in season four.

It looks like we are!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Macallan has been upped to a series regular in season four. That’s right! We get more Ava.

EP Phil Klemmer explains the decision, pointing out Macallan’s near constant presence on set and chemistry with Lotz.

“Jes has a power to captivate in person as well as on screen. She had been guest-starring on Legends for all of two days when one of our teamsters, the guy who had been driving her to set, told me that we ought to make her a series regular. He wasn’t wrong. We knew that we wanted Sara to fall in love with someone in season 3, and our challenge was to come up with a character worthy of our fearless captain’s love — and then the second challenge was to find a performer capable of playing that part. The door had barely closed on Jes, having just finished her chemistry read with Caity Lotz, that we all turned to each other and agreed that we had found our Ava.”

He also discussed Ava’s story arc for the season, which isn’t even close to being done yet.

“Her character arc was a bit of a slow burn this season, and yet each episode revealed a new facet of her character. She’s been alternately funny, poignant, engaging, endearing, and kick-ass this season — and yet I know for a fact that we haven’t hit all of Jes’s hidden gears as an actor. We are lucky to have a whole new season in which to find them. It’s not every actor who can find the emotional heart of a storyline that features John Constantine, a chicken, and a severed human foot. Thank God we found Jes Macallan.”

Season four is going to be so freaking cool, you guys!

Legends of Tomorrow airs its season finale on April 9th at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim