Did Zoe Saldana Drop A Spoiler For The Next Avengers Movie?

Credit: Marvel Studios

E! News got a great red carpet interview with Avengers: Infinity War, and Guardians Of The Galaxy stars Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Zoe Saldana (Gamora), but did Zoe drop a spoiler for Avengers 4?

The pair took to the couch to chat with E!‘s Sibley Scoles about the film. When Sibley asked about the end of filming, Zoe commented that it felt a bit ‘to be continued’, what with the fact that they would all have to get together later for pickups and reshoots for Avengers 4.

“At least for me, it felt like a [to be continued], because I knew we will have to all come back at some point this fall and finish up the fourth instalment of Avengers … it felt like see you later, not like a formal goodbye.”

Anyone who hasn’t seen Infinity War should definitely stop reading right now. Or not: the fact that many fan favourites don’t see the end of the movie hasn’t exactly been kept secret.

We know that Gamora has met an unfortunate end at the hands of her father, Thanos, as a sacrifice to gain the Soul Stone from Vormir.

But we also later saw her apparently trapped inside the Soul Stone – so is this a hint that she might be released, possibly by the stone’s destruction, in Avengers 4?

On the other hand, there have been set photos which hint at Avengers 4 featuring flashbacks, including fan-favourite Loki who doesn’t last long in Infinity War. So maybe Gamora will be appearing in one of those flashbacks, rather than rising from the dead.

Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige has said on several occasions that they would not be undoing any Infinity War deaths.

On the other hand, Guardians Of The Galaxy writer and director James Gunn is mentioned in this USA Today article from last year as having had ‘some pretty intense conversations’ with Zoe about Gamora’s ‘significant’ role in Guardians 3, due out in 2020.

So maybe Gamora isn’t actually dead and will escape from imprisonment inside the Soul Stone to bring her father Thanos to justice.

Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas now and Avengers 4 will be out in May 2019.

Carolyn Hucker