DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Team Up With Damien Darhk To Awaken Mallus

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Mallus is free, and with that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow take on an enemy they are not quite ready for. In “Guest Starring John Noble”, Sara decides that working with Damien Darhk is a good idea, only to be inevitably betrayed by him.

We start the episode right where we left off last week, as Amaya takes course for Zambesi 1992. The Legends are quick to pick on her disappearance and the absence of the jump ship. They then receive a message from Rip. He claims the Time Bureau needs help saving Barry from Grodd.

Occidental College, 1979

Rip’s SOS call takes the team to Los Angeles, where they learn that it is not their speedster friend that needs help, but America’s former president Barack Obama. It doesn’t take the Legends long to go up against Grodd. Mick burns the gorilla. Ray then shrinks Grodd and catches it in a jar. With that handled, the Legends have to tend to Amaya. They are aware that one more anachronism will enable Mallus to break free from his cage, so they cannot allow Amaya to save her village.

At the same time, Damien realizes that freeing Mallus will result in his daughter’s death. He starts to question their mutual plan. He turns to the Legends and asks them for help in saving his daughter. The team is initially skeptical about working with Darhk, and they have every right to be. He offers them something in return for their trust – the water totem. They agree that the easiest way to capture Mallus is to trick Nora to come to the Waverider, where they control her.

While Mick is watching Lord of the Rings, the team realizes how similar the voices of Mallus and John Noble are, so Ray heads to the Lord of the Rings set and convinces Noble to “run lines with him”. He records his message to Nora and flies into her ear. He makes her believe Mallus has contacted her and tasked her to head to the Wave Rider. On board, the Legends capture her with a spell courtesy of Constantine.

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Zambesi, 1992

Nate and Wally are headed to Zambesi to try and stop Amaya from messing with the timeline. They meet an older version of Amaya, who is set to give her totem to her daughter in a ceremony. He daughter, Esi, never shows. The young woman is clearly not willing to take on the responsibility that the totem brings. Amaya is the one who convinces Esi that her village needs a protector, and the young woman steps up.

When Nate comes face-to-face with the older Amaya, he finds out that she has erased her memory, and has no recollection of their time together. The younger Amaya confirms that this would be the only way she would be able to turn her back to the team and her love for him.

As the Legends realize that there is no way to prevent Mallus from breaking from his cage, Sara convinces them to fight the demon with the help of the totems they possess. She hands the death totem to Damien, the earth totem to Nate, and the water totem to Ray.

At this point Ava, who just learned that she is the 12th clone that Rip has working for the Bureau, decides that the Bureau cannot support the Legends’ mission. Even when Sara asks her to trust her because she loves her, Ava turns their back on the team, and on Sara’s love confession. She says that she isn’t even a real person to love.

Damien inevitably betrays the Legends by sending Grodd after Amaya’s village, because he believes this will safe his daughter from being taken by Mallus. Nate uses the earth totem’s powers to defeat the Gorilla, and Mallus finally breaks free. Nora disappears and in her place the legends are faced with a CGI-creature straight out of hell – horns, wings, tail and all.

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At the end of this week’s episode, it’s looking rather bleak for our heroes. They have not only created the final anachronism that would free Mallus themselves. They will actually have to deal with the demon at full strength nonetheless. Not their smartest move to date.

Next week’s season finale will see the final showdown between the heroes and their villain-of-the-year. They will need all hands on deck. That does not only mean they are forced to work with Damien Darhk, but necessarily assemble an army to go up against the demon. Sure, Ava may have turned her back on the team for now. She will undoubtedly swoop in at the final moment and save the day, all while declaring her undying love for Sara. Or, at least that’s what we’ve read in all the fanfiction…

Things with the evil entity known as Mallus has reached its climax. And still, we have to wonder: why? What is Mallus’s end goal? Is it pure destruction of all that is good? Is he just one of those guys, that seem to want to wreak havoc for no apparent reason. It’s rather sad to have a villain without a purpose, but at least it isn’t Vandal Savage, right?

Also, for the sole purpose of keeping my sanity intact, let’s not speak about those first misguided minutes. Let’s pretend the whole Barack Obama story arc never happened. It all was just very Cringe-worthy. Capital C.

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Favorite Lines

Grodd: A hairless ape who fights with fire? How primitive.

Damien: Oh, hi guys. I do hope you’re not feeling all killy-killy, stabby-stabby.

Catch the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow next Monday at8/7ct on The CW.


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