DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Go Up Against Mallus In The Season Finale “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly”

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The time has come for our heroes to stand up to the demon Mallus. In this week’s season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team are able to not only save Nora Darhk, but also finish Mallus once and for all. All they needed was the help of the magical totems and a few of their closest friends. Unfortunately, in “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly” they also say goodbye to one of their own.

After having taken physical form in last week’s episode, Mallus attacks. He wants the totems, but the heroes won’t give them up without a fight. They try to use the totems’ powers to their advantage. While they are powerful, they are of no use against someone of Malllus’ calibre.

Rip Hunter offers the Legends a chance to retreat and recoup by capturing Mallus with the help of the Waverider’s time drive. By making the drive unstable and unleashing critical mass, Rip effectively sacrifices himself and disappears with Mallus in an explosion of said time drive.

The Legends do not have time to properly grieve the loss of their friend, as this only offers a temporary solution to their problem. They still need to find a way to destroy the demon, and it seems that the totems are not working in their favour.

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Salvation, 1847

To buy themselves some time, the Legends head to the Wild West, specifically Salvation, North Dakota, a place that is considered a temporal blind spot, so Mallus can’t find them. There they run into an old friend, Jonah Hex, who finds himself interested in Zari. Things seem to be going well up until the Legends are confronted by a blast from the past. Mallus has corrupted former foes Freydis, Julius Caesar, and Blackbeard. The trio set their demands: either the team heads over the totems, or they die, and so does this town.

Back on the Waverider, Amaya and Nate go on a vision quest to the first time the totems were used against Mallus. They learn that the totems have to work together to form a creature that can beat the demon. The Legends try their best to bring the totems together, but end up distracted and form a gruelling mess of skin and bones that barely resembles a human creature. Sara believes that they are at fault, because they are not the chosen ones for the totems, unlike Amaya and Zari.

Demotivated the Legends are close to giving up, when they are visited by a variety of surprise guests. Zari had sent out a message to their friends all over time and space. Ava, Helen of Troy (who has acquired a nice skill set during her time in Themyscira, Kuasa (who, in this time line, fights side by side with her sister Mari), and former team member Jax join the heroes in their fight against Mallus.

Meanwhile Ray jumps into action himself. Without the team’s knowledge, he takes Damien Darhk back to the time Nora turned into Mallus. There, Damien is able to convince the demon to take himself as his host, to save his own daughter. Ray eventually joins the rest of the team in Salvation, where they are not exactly happy to see Nora alive and well.

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There is no time to argue, as an army of Vikings, Romans, and pirates enter Salvation, ready to collect the totems. The Legends refuse to give up, and, with the help of their own little army, hold off Mallus’s goons. That is until the demon itself appears. After a pep talk from Ava, the Legends decide that they have to try harder to create a fusion between the totems. They are successful. Sara asks them to think of pure goodness. So the group forms a large Beebo creature to fight Mallus. He is a viable opponent to Mallus, and in what can only be described as a massively expensive CGI fight, the totems can beat the demon.

With Mallus destroyed, Amaya sends off Kuasa with the totems to keep them safe. The Legends bid their goodbye to Jax, who, five years after his departure from the team, is now married with a young daughter named Martina (cue the feels). Nora is taken by the Time Bureau, but not before Ray can hand her Damien’s time stone. He is giving her a second chance, and warns her not to waste it.

Amaya finally decides that it is time for her to return to Zambesi, and to accept her destiny. Just as Nate is about to erase her memory, to make her departure easier on her, she tells him not to. She cherishes her time with the Legends too much to want to forget them.

The rest of the Legends join Mick in his tropical dream of relaxing at a private beach in Aruba. After their battle with Mallus, they are now enjoying the sun, are sipping cocktails and get acclimated to the lazy life. That is until Constantine appears with a severed monster head and tells them that Mallus is not the only thing that escaped when the Legends opened the demon’s “cage”.

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Another season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow comes to an end. Thankfully we are far, far away from the dark times that featured Vandal Savage. While Mallus was not necessarily a more charismatic villain, the journey was a lot more interesting. The demon did not have a proper motivation for his actions, sure, but at least there was some kind of logic involved in the story line. He was caught in a time prison for millions of years, who wouldn’t be angry. He was also only a small stepping stone as what’s ahead for the Legends. There will be more mystical and magical and fantastical CGI creatures in the future, especially with demon hunter Constantine now officially on the team.

Speaking of the team, its constellation will be slightly different in the new season. It was expected for Amaya to leave. She has accepted her destiny to rule over Zambesi, and it was only a matter of time until she headed back to 1942. It is still sad to see her go, as she brought a lot of heart, and a lot of kindness to the team that will now be missing. The audience is left to wonder who will take her place. Could one Ava Sharpe become a permanent resident of the Wave Rider?

And how will Constantine ultimately fit into the team? Will he replace Rip as the “Englishman” filled with crazy ideas and ambitions, or will he bring a whole new, original quality? Is Nora Darhk going to return to the mix at some point, and in some shape or form? Will she use that second chance Ray has given her for good, or will the repeated loss of her father drive her into madness? Only time will tell.

All in all this seasons of Legends was not as funny, charming, surprising, and uplifting as its second season, but it was a whole lot more entertaining and exciting than its first. This season proved that the legends don’t really need a fleshed out villain, as long as they continue to bounce off each other well. The dynamics between the team members continue to be the most compelling aspect of the series, and the interesting guest stars that round up those dynamics are just another cherry on top. (Can we start a petition for a Helen of Troy in Themyscira spin-off already?)

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Favorite Lines

Sara: Alright, we are facing an army of Romans, Vikings, and pirates. But you know what today is? Today is the day that we prove that Rip did not sacrifice his life in vain. Today is the day that we prove that we are not losers. Today is the day that we earn the name ‘legends’. [pause] Now, how do we sneak out the back?

Gary: The wig’s too much right?
Zara: No. It’s very … presidential.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return with new episodes next season on The CW.

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