ClexaCon 2018: We Have A Lost Girl Reunion With Two Panels On The Series

Credit: ClexaCon

This year at ClexaCon, there were two Lost Girl panels on the main stage. The first, a Lost Girl Reunion moderated by Dana Piccoli, featured Anna Silk (Bo Dennis), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Evony/The Morrigan), Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin), Erica Luttrell (Val), Zoie Palmer (Lauren Lewis), and producers Emily Andras and Vanessa Piazza in a euphemism filled and fun discussion of the series. The second panel, moderated by Diane Chen, featured Palmer, Silk, and Skarsten in a discussion of the two major femslash ships in the show, Doccubus (Bo and Lauren) and Valkubus (Tamsin and Bo).

The reunion panel opened with a discussion of how Lost Girl blazed the trail for other shows and Piazza made sure to give props to series creator, Michelle Lovretta. Lovretta made sure from the pilot that the network knew there would be a major queer storyline. It’s thanks to Lovretta that we have one of the few bisexual leads on television.

It was evident from how the cast interacted on stage that they all got along well and it made both panels that much better. Skarsten said when she joined the show, everyone embraced her from the very beginning. They all described a very warm set, where everyone was friends and Skarsten said “it was like going to camp every day.” Luttrell, who guest starred in a couple of episodes in season two, agreed.

When asked what their proudest moments were working on Lost Girl, Silk and Skarsten both talked about being proud of how the show resonates with so many people. They also talked about how touched they are when they hear personal stories from fans.

Piccoli talked about how rare it is to have a love triangle that’s all women and asked what it was like being the center of such a huge fandom thing with Doccubus vs Valkubus. Skarsten talked about joining the series late and being aware of what the show was but being completely unprepared for the fandom. Palmer jumped in saying “I still don’t feel prepared for it” and talked about being completely surprised every time she goes to a con. Silk chalked it up to the strong storylines and said people should make strong choices about ships.

A fan asked how their characters would react to a throuple between Bo, Tamsin, and Lauren and there were mixed reactions. Palmer thinks Lauren would struggle but ultimately come to the place she came to in the show where she’d be at peace with the idea that Bo needed more to be able to heal and everything. Skarsten thinks Tamsin would be game at first but then get really jealous, while Silk thinks Bo would leave it to the other two to sort out. It’s a little sad we’ll never quite see what would happen. If Tamsin and Lauren got together however, Silk thinks Bo would get jealous, but Palmer thinks she’d be into it.

What would Bo and Lauren be up to right now? “Making brunch,” according to Silk, but she never answered Palmer’s question as to whether or not it was a euphemism. Brunch did become a running joke for the rest of the weekend and I’m not sure queer fandom is gonna let that go anytime soon.

A fan asked about a Doccubus wedding and Palmer got up, walked over to Silk, and got down on one knee and proposed. Don’t worry, Silk said yes and then said a wedding would be really beautiful. Who do we talk to about getting Doccubus wedding special?

One of the funniest moments during the Doccubus & Valkubus panel was when Palmer was describing the horror that was Tamsin’s birth scene in the finale. She described it as “the most realistic non-birth birth” she’s ever seen and said she still hasn’t managed to get it out of her head.

If you want to see more of Palmer and Silk on your screens, don’t worry, they’ll both be making appearances in season three of Wynonna Earp. Andras joked that she’s taking every single actress that’s been on Lost Girl to Wynonna Earp. Skarsten appeared in the first episode of season two.

You can, and should, check out both panels below.