Avengers: Infinity War Stars Thank Fans For 10 Wonderful Years

Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the very first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise premiered. Ever since Iron Man hits the screens, however, a massive fanbase for the MCU has only grew since then.

Billions of fans worldwide, billions made at the box office, it’s safe to say that the experiment in franchise like the MCU has truly birthed something. Without the fans, however, it would have been dead in the water. They have filled up convention centers. They have brought Hall H down around its ears.

In a new featurette in the lead-up to the culmination of those ten years with Avengers: Infinity War, the actors want to thank the fans for their support.

“To all our amazing fans, the truth is we are here for you. We gotta thank you for 10 years of support and inspiration. You’re the reason we’re here.” Robert Downey Jr., the king of the MCU fandom, hits the nail on the head.

The video also includes Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Mackie, Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Pom Klementieff.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theares April 27th.

Bec Heim