Avengers: Infinity War On-Set Video Talks The Family Atmosphere Of The Films

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel is definitely ready and willing to play on every one of our feels in order to get our butts in seats come later this month. It was working before, but these featurettes for Avengers: Infinity War are very fun to watch indeed.

Yesterday, the studio released one thanking the fans for their 10 years of support.

Today, it’s all about the family atmosphere on set of the films. After all, you wouldn’t do 20 movies with combinations of these actors if you didn’t like them, right?

We get to see Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth bond (while Pratt makes a comment about Hemsworth’s musculature). Benedict Cumberbatch hilariously shades Chris Pratt a little bit. Robert Downey Jr is called “the godfather” of the MCU by Mark Ruffalo. Elizabeth Olsen and Danai Gurira talk about working with the kickass ladies in the MCU.

Throughout it all, we get to see the bond that this group has formed. It’s really sweet, which you can see below.

Also, based on the new footage seen here, I’m pretty sure that Peter Quill is going to flip the bird to Thanos at one point. I’m here for it.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres April 27th.

Bec Heim