“All Roads Lead…” To Another Shocking Death (Or Two) On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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All of Ruby’s dreams are finally coming true this week. The gravitonium is at her fingertips. Daisy is on her way for a rematch. Alex Von Strucker is a devoted, slightly insane boyfriend/partner. But the problem with the dreams of teenage wannabe villains is they have no concept of reality and Ruby is going to learn that the hard way this week.

Talbot is in full compliance mode. He tampers with the security feed for Robin’s room and goes sorting through the little girl’s prophetic drawings. When mother and daughter return, he tries to play nice but eventually loses his patience when Robin can’t give him straight answers. I’m starting to think this annoying aspect of her character is actually just self-preservation. Anyway, Talbot knocks out Robin’s mom and takes the little girl hostage.

Coulson and Mack take a while to figure out what’s going on. While Daisy and May hunt down Hale and follow a lead on Ruby, the men are left at the Lighthouse to quarterback things. This gives them plenty of time to chuckle at Deke’s obvious interest in Daisy. Once they notice Robin is missing, Coulson and Mack intercept Talbot and attempt to talk through his HYDRA brainwashing. It works enough for him to let go of the girl. When he turns the gun on himself, Coulson orders him to comply and train the gun on him instead, giving Mack an opening to stun Talbot.

With a lock on the location of Hale’s facility, Daisy and May storm in but Hale makes their jobs easy. She surrenders immediately and asks for their help in saving her daughter. In the end, Ruby’s life and safety are what matters most to her, not HYDRA’s mission. Although, this situation could’ve been avoided altogether if Hale had decided this earlier. Daisy agrees to help because it’s their best option and she believes Ruby could be a promising S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, with the right training.  

As a result of their foolhardy mission, Fitz and Simmons are stuck repairing the particle infuser for Ruby. She makes not-so-vague threats about cutting off body parts unless they speed up. When Alex discovers they have repaired the device incorrectly, Ruby beats Fitz in retaliation. They’re left with little choice but to fix the machine and stand back while Ruby enters it.

What starts as the fulfillment of her lifelong dream quickly turns nightmarish. Ruby has only absorbed 8% of the gravitonium but she’s already screaming with anguish. Hale, Daisy, and May rush in just as Fitz shuts down the machine. The consciousnesses of Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn are now in Ruby’s head and they’re quickly driving her insane. Unable to control her powers, she inadvertently kills Alex. She begs FitzSimmons to undo the process but they can’t. When she throws them against the wall, only her mother is able to talk her down.

Daisy’s efforts to equate Ruby’s current state with her own experience harnessing her powers nearly gets her choked to death. As Daisy and Hale continue trying to reason with Ruby, Yo-Yo runs in and identifies Ruby as the person who cut off her arms. She also thinks Ruby is the one who destroys the world, which is why she superspeeds over and cuts Ruby’s throat with her own throwing disc. The teen dies in her mother’s arms. Then her body levitates and pulses out with gravitonium energy. When Daisy comes to, Hale is gone, and Yo-Yo believes she just saved the world.

Where Hale went is back to speak with The Confederacy. They want the gravitonium and now she knows S.H.I.E.L.D. has it and she’s happy for S.H.I.E.L.D. to die.

Field Notes

  • Dang, Yo-Yo! If you knew Ruby was the actual Destroyer of Worlds, why couldn’t you have shared that info with the whole class ahead of time?
  • Coulson, I need you to step it up with your communication skills. Or skip the talking and just kiss May. Either way works for me.
  • I’m impressed with Daisy thinking she could turn Ruby into a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. That’s exactly how Coulson would think, even about an enemy. She’s going to be a great Director.
  • According to Deke, in the future if you like someone, you leave a lemon on their bunk. I’m assuming this is because fresh citrus is expensive and therefore a pretty rare gift. How many lemons is Daisy going to find in her bed when she gets back?
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