Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: The Team Fights Off An Alien Attack in “Option Two”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

With the destruction of the world creeping closer and closer, Coulson figures destroying the gravitonium is one way to change the future. His plan is to throw the substance into the sun. While discussing this plan with the team, things devolve into a big blame session. Yo-Yo stands by her decision to kill Ruby, even though Daisy believes the choice was motivated solely by revenge. Only Fitzsimmons kind of side with Yo-Yo because, of course, they believe all the choices they’ve made are working towards a different, better future. But Mack isn’t thrilled with the trio locking him in a cell and going off on their own.

It all comes to a head when Yo-Yo snaps that only Coulson chose Daisy as team leader, no one else. The ironic thing is, Daisy would probably agree considering she doesn’t want to be the leader anyway. She probably also agrees with Yo-Yo that Coulson started the loop running again when he forced Daisy to return to the present with them. But no one can do anything about that now.

Daisy and May haven’t stopped pursuing possible cures for Coulson’s impending death. When Daisy volunteers to escort Robin and her mom as well as Creel to a safe location, she and May also come up with a plan for Daisy to meet up with Mack’s old buddy Tony Caine. The decision quickly becomes a problem when the Lighthouse comes under alien attack. Talbot is able to fight through the HYDRA brainwashing to remember that he sent out the coordinates to the Lighthouse. Hale’s Confederacy partners are now hovering in the sky ready to storm the base to get the gravitonium.

The Lighthouse is equipped to withstand an apocalypse level event but Coulson accidentally selects “nuclear attack” from the menu prompt. This locks down the base for 15 years. And it doesn’t even keep the aliens out because they can use Hale’s teleport device to enter the base right from their spaceship. These aliens, according to Deke, have the power to kill all the electronics around them so they literally bring the darkness. They start picking off agents one by one as the team scrambles to secure the gravitonium and group together for a last stand.

Everyone forms up in the main room except for Talbot and Simmons, who are in the lab. Talbot has been looking for a way to make things right and when he sees the gravitonium infuser, he takes his chance. He ices Simmons, gets in the machine, and absorbs all of the substance. Then he uses it to literally crush every alien in the Lighthouse to gruesome effect. It saves the lives of the entire team and he’s able to open up the Lighthouse so they’re no longer trapped for 15 years.

Off on her own adventure, Daisy gets the last remaining Centipede device (remember those from season 1?) from Caine, who tells her it’s what kept John Garrett alive. However, it’s missing a key healing ingredient that Caine doesn’t know where to find. But Daisy does. She visits a graveyard and begins digging up the remains of her once immortal mother, Jiaying.

Field Notes

  • I had to do a little research but it seems Talbot is now the comic book character known as Graviton. In the comics, Franklin Hall was Graviton and he was a regular foe of the Avengers.
  • I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a stronger tie-in to Infinity War in this episode. Maybe they’ll make a better connection in the next episode considering it seems like the events of the film had only just started during this episode.
  • I am at the end of my rope with Fitz and his attitude. He is taking zero responsibility for any of his actions, continues to treat Deke like crap, and only seems interested in his and Jemma’s survival, no one else’s.
  • The tense conversation between Mack and Yo-Yo was sad to watch but very needed. She tried to explain her actions to him but he makes a good point that while she’s acting based on future knowledge, he’s trying to address the problems of the present.
Stephanie Coats