4YE TV Reels Feels For April 1st Through April 7th


Bec: A week has passed so I can give this honor to Neil Patrick Harris over on A Series of Unfortunate Events. He remains pitch-perfect as Count Olaf and I’m sad that this’ll all come to end with season three.

Clare: When Homeland first hit our screens, Claire Danes was everywhere, and for good reason. We’re now into the seventh season and Danes is not appearing on many nominee lists. This is certainly not because of a drop in performance, especially based on the most recent episodes. No I think it’s because she’s just so consistently good and so has kind of dropped off people’s radars as there are not necessarily any standout episodes but I definitely feel that she needs a shout out lately. Her work this season has been phenomenal and she’s struggling with some major character shifts and storylines. You are simultaneously completely pissed off and appalled at her behaviour and yet can see what she’s trying to achieve and what’s at stake if she can’t do her thing. Some amazing work recently.

Stephanie: I’m going with Clark Gregg on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for this week. Coulson’s impending death hasn’t stopped Gregg from delivering the character with the same humor, sass, and upstanding sense of justice as always. Only Coulson could take a former enemy and turn him into a true ally. Only Coulson could calmly accept sleep deprivation and starvation to protect his team and the world. And only Clark Gregg could make me laugh, smile, and enjoy every scene.

Verena: I’m going with Yael Grobglas this week. I have always loved Petra from the moment we met her on Jane the Virgin, but especially this season she has been killing it. I love seeing new facades of her, and if it wasn’t for Grobglas and her talent, Petra wouldn’t be so damn compelling. This week we actually got to see her genuinely happy and in love, and the fact that Petra is still snarky and manipulative, even at her happiest, made me laugh. And maybe love her a little more.


Bec: “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion” is my winner for the week. Black Lightning has been a revelation during this past season. As it heads into the finale, it’s clear that they’re busting out all the stops. While a good story in its own right, the episode also shines a light on police misconduct, brutality, and the humiliation of the booking process in unflinching detail. It’s also, like the show, a great character piece with buckets of payoff in how everything the character’s do make sense. I just…seriously. I’m so happy this show has been renewed.

Clare: Not strictly an “episode” but something that has occupied many TV viewing hours over the last week. My pick here is the Opening Ceremony of the 21st Commonwealth Games here on the Gold Coast. As an Aussie I could certainly see the cheesiness of the Ceremony, but really… that’s Goldie. It was great to see how inclusive these Games are. From the attempts to really acknowledge and include our First People to having the paraathletes compete in the main competition period (ie not having a separate Para Commonwealth Games). I loved the Aussie music, the costumes and the just complete over the top ness of the whole thing. It was just lacking a Schoolies tribute.

Verena: FAMOUS IN LOVE. Hear me out. I’m well aware the Bella Thorne-helmed teeny-drama is not the most critically acclaimed tv show, or features the highest level of writing quality, but god is it addictive. I’ve spent half my weekend rewatching the first season, which is just so full of unnecessary drama it’s delicious. I would compare it to Riverdale, my other guilty pleasure. So yeah, I’m really excited that’s back. But also really upset Freeform decided to forego putting all episodes up on their website. I prefer my teenie dramas binge-ready.


Bec: Both of these moments come from the Arrowverse. The first is from Legends when Sara tries to convince Ava to stay, even telling her that she loves her. Ava, still reeling from the clone revelation, walks away. It’s a heartbreaking moment, but so well-acted. These two have amazing chemistry. I’m super glad that Jes got upped to a series regular for season 4. Next is from Black Lightning. When Jefferson is falsely arrested and led out of the school, his students literally try to form a wall to keep him there. Nothing can show more about the positive impact Jefferson had on those kids in that moment. Garfield High isn’t a school. It’s a community, and these kids will do anything for Jefferson. It was a nice (and rare moment) when we get to see the positive impact heroes have in their civilian lives.

Clare: Again for me it’s a Commonwealth Games moment. The competition pool doesn’t have a roof – it’s open air. Because of this they were not expecting to break many pool records going into the meet. Our Women’s 4×100 relay haven’t lost the event at a Commonwealth Games since 1994, at Victoria, Canada and are current World Record holders and won the Gold in Rio. The women came out and not only smashed the opposition, though Silver medalists Canada put up some great competition but also broke their World Record. Great moment.

Stephanie: I really enjoyed the quiet interaction between May and Robin on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They are experiencing everything out of order but now they each know that in the future (or at least some timeline in the future) they were mother and daughter. Any time we get to see May’s maternal and softer side is always touching to me because she so often needs to put emotions aside and get the job done. Not for nothing, I also enjoyed that Robin knows May and Daisy are “lost” without Coulson and they need him.

Verena: I am not a fan of recent developments on Arrow because I find them to be absolutely out of character and ridiculous, but I do love it when Felicity intervenes. She is, without a doubt, Team Arrow’s leader and ladyboss, and the only one who can get Oliver and John to pull their heads out of their asses.


Bec: Wally: “Short version: Nora’s on the ship, trippin’ on Mallus juice. Damien Darhk gave us the water totem after they saved Barack Obama. And we are here to help you create the anachronism so we can release Mallus and then we can kill him.”

Ray: “Oh! And I met John Noble!” -That’s literally Legends of Tomorrow in a nutshell

Stephanie: Coulson: “You can tell the general there’s nothing you can do to make her join her Evil League of Evil.”

Verena: “Am I too competitive? I mean, she does often say, ‘Phil, do you always have to finish first?’” – Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Bec Heim