4YE Spoiler-Free Review: Avengers: Infinity War Delivers A Battle That Leaves Us Breathless And With A Lot Of Questions

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It’s been 10 years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe opened its doors to us, and in those 10 years and 18 films they’ve given us to feast and enjoy, they have also been preparing us for the war to end all wars. But were we truly prepared for Avengers: Infinity War in the end?

Since the first Ironman film to Black Panther, the MCU has been keeping us entertained and enthralled while commenting on the many horrors of war, and the one that is set to end it all for everyone, which it finally delivered to us this past weekend. The directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the cast, and every single arm of that Marvel machine put their all into making possibly the best film to come out of the MCU. The Russo Brothers did their homework when it came to putting together this incredible film as they sought out Taika Waititi, Ryan Coogler, James Gunn, and Scott Derrickson to help them do justice to the characters they helped bring onto the big screen so long ago and to make sure they did not stray from the core strengths and flaws in all of these tremendous characters. To say that Infinity War is truly an epic film is not a gross exaggeration given all the detail that went into making the film.

Without going into much detail about the plot without giving something away, the main thing that everyone must know is that the band of Avengers, as fractured as it is, is back together, and the neighbors aka the Guardians of the Galaxy and their super sarcastic Uncle Dr Strange have been invited to join the mix. After being teased about for six years, Thanos is finally doing what he’d only sent minions (Loki, Gamora, Ronan, etc…) to do before: get the six Infinity Stones. He has a plan for how he’s going to use them.  No, I’m not telling what it is. Suffice to say, it is not good, and our heroes are finally all on the same page, same mission. Thanos must be stopped.

While this may seem like a stereotypical ensemble of superheroes type movie, the message and theme of the film runs so much deeper than that. Infinity War looks at what war is really all about: love and sacrifice. War always has us choose what we must and are willing to give up in order to get what we want in the end. For some, it’s power and material possessions, while for others, it’s love, honor, and the greater good. 

Which brings us to Thanos, and he is really what sets Infinity War apart from all of the previous Marvel offerings. Thanos has a complicated backstory. His motivations are driven by a twisted logic you can almost think reasonable (emphasis on the word almost). He truly thinks what he is doing is for the greater good, and he is more than willing to sacrifice everything to reach his goal, which is a far cry from the somewhat one dimension character we were first introduced to in Guardians of the Galaxy, where we only knew him to be a Mad Titan.

What really and truly sells Thanos is Josh Brolin’s performance as the super-villain though. The nuances of his performance behind the CGI and his vocal performance are award-worthy. It is truly magnificent to watch how the combination of the Russos’ directing, Brolin’s acting, and the special effects team delivered us a villain who ended up shattering the MCU forever.

The rest of the cast is relaxed and confident as the various superheroes. They have obviously grown into their roles, wearing them like second skins. The genuine affection between the various cast members comes off the screen in waves. If you were looking for introductions and meet cutes in this film, you may want to go back and watch the previous 18 films as you’re not going to find that here. There is no backstory or leading into the action in Infinity War as this is what the films have all been leading to so it is not necessary to waste the moviegoers time with filler info.

Aside from Brolin’s performance, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was another highlight of the film as he packed quite the emotional punch in his scene’s with Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. The other noteworthy standouts were Chris Hemsworth’s Thor’s teaming up with some of the Guardians, which gave us just the right amount of lightheartedness to contrast all the trauma brought on by the events that were unfolding.

While many viewers of this film were left reeling and completely perplexed about the film’s ending, I definitely hope that they stayed until the end credits scene as that little Easter Egg that was dropped should have left them hopeful and excited about what is still yet to come.

Avengers: Infinity War is a great superhero movie, but it is so much more than that. The emotional impact on the audience, the visuals, and the brilliant storytelling are so brilliantly good and fantastically put together that it is simply a great film. Point blank period.

Erika Negrón Rivera
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