Three Flashes “Enter Flashtime” To Make Sure That Everyone Doesn’t Die On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

The DeVoe saga continues on. Last week, we saw DeVoe jump out of Becky’s body and into Izzy Bowin, a country music singer with the power over soundwaves. Before that happened though, Ralph and Izzy formed a bit of a bond. So he was pretty upset about what happened. Barry, meanwhile, has been placed on indefinite leave because not everyone believes the whole ‘DeVoe is alive’ thing. Also DeVoe may be going insane from taking too much dark matter into himself.

Jesus, Marlize, there is standing by your man and then there’s whatever you’re doing. Though I’m still pretty sure that your husband is still drugging you.

This week, three Flashes enter Flashtime where if they stop moving a nuclear bomb will wipe Central City off the map.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Don’t: A very sweaty Barry stands in front of a frozen Iris and brings her into Flashtime. He tells her that he tried but he can’t save them this time. Flash forward eight minutes earlier, Barry runs through the speed lab. Cisco opens a breach, but Barry misses running through it. They’ve been doing it all day. It’s part of a plan to get into DeVoe’s pocket dimension. All of them are feeling the pressure to get DeVoe and having nothing. Iris suggests he take a breather and have a date night with his wife. They’re summoned to the Cortex by an irate Harry. They’re tracking DeVoe’s entrances and exits. Apparently, he’s been planning this for three years. Jesse enters through the Cortex surprising everyone and holding an apology cube. The two of them have a fight about her mother’s death. Harry just can’t bring himself to talk about his wife’s death. He tells her that she’ll never understand. Jesse leaves. That’s when Harry gets a notification from Joe in the middle of an intense gunfight. The guys came out of nowhere and want what’s ever in that container brought in by ARGUS. Everyone heads out. Someone enters the container and arms the device. Barry gets behind her, telling her it’s over. That’s when she detonates the device. Barry enters Flashtime with Jesse, telling her that they’re too late.

Stop: Jesse makes the situation clear. It’s a nuclear bomb that has gone critical. They don’t have enough time to get everyone out of the city. They also can’t run the bomb out because it will speed up the reaction. Barry sends Jesse to Earth-3 to get Jay Garrick. He then brings Cisco into Flashtime. Cisco thinks they’re too late to fix it. He tries to breech it to a dead Earth, but he can’t do anything while in Flashtime. He also can’t stay in Flashtime for long. He sends Barry to Harry. Harry tells Barry to send the fission engine to the Speed Force. Jay and Jesse arrive and Barry relays the plan. Jay, however, disagrees. If they do it, then they made lose the Speed Force forever. Jay tells Barry that every speedster will lose access to their speed. More importantly, the Speed Force is an essential part of the multiverse. Jay thinks they can restore stability by cooling it down. They bring Killer Frost into it to cool it down. She tries to cool it down, but her powers give out. Before he lets her go, Frost asks Barry to “not let Caity die”. Jesse has an idea that three speedsters could offset the bomb by each throwing a lightning bolt at the same time. Jesse and Barry are able to handle it, but Jay is too old to stay in Flashtime this long. He apologizes and leaves, meaning it’s up to Jesse and Barry.

Running: Barry really wants to throw the nuke into the Speed Force, but Jesse won’t let him. She wants to run back in time, but Barry won’t let her. The bomb has reached its final phase of combustion. The speedsters are slowing down and time is speeding up. Jesse can’t do this much longer. Barry tells her to go back to Earth-2. Jesse leaves and Barry takes a look around the warehouse. He almost touches Joe, but he apologizes and leaves. Jesse goes to her dad and makes her final peace with him. She sits down next to him and stops running so she can die with him. Barry tries to put together something, but is out of ideas. Running for so long is starting to catch up with him. He goes to see Iris. We start at the beginning of the episode when Barry goes to see Iris. Iris quickly catches onto the situation. She holds Barry close and comforts him. Barry tells her that she’s his lightning rod. Iris comes up with grabbing the quark sphere and drawing out the Speed Force lightning, making the storm chase him and hit the bomb. Barry starts to run and enters the Speed Force. He grabs the sphere and draws out the lightning, leading it to the bomb. He throws the quark sphere into the bomb and Speed Force lightning chases after it. In real time, everyone comes back to themselves. Harry hugs Jesse. Iris goes to check on Barry, who is passed out. Joe runs over to Barry, who wakes up and asks if they’re dead.

Breather: We see the woman, Veronica Dale of Eden Corp. They’ve found her manifesto at their apartment. Someone must have tipped her off, but they don’t know who. (DeVoe is my guess.) Jay announces his retirement. A new speedster will take residence on Earth-3, soon as Jay is done training her. If they angered the Speed Force, then they need to know sooner or later. Team Flash tells Barry that he needs to rest. Iris has that difficult job, I am sure. Barry figured out that they need to predict DeVoe’s movements. Iris was also right about taking a breather. She provides clarity to him. They cuddle on the hospital bed. Jesse returns to see Harry, who tries to tell Jesse about why he doesn’t talk about his wife. Harry needs to decide when he’s ready and Jesse can’t force him. She lets Harry know that she’s hear to listen. He puts the mental dampener which he fixed so others can hear thoughts. Harry tries to tell Jesse, but then he opens his mind to her instead. He shares memories of his wife and how much he loves Jesse. The two hold hands as they listen together. Caitlin and Harry share a coffee later that night. Caitlin remembers Killer Frost being worried about her. They run in possible Dawn Allen, who babbles awkwardly at them. (WHO ARE YOU, POSSIBLE DAWN ALLEN?!)

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