The Death Totem Takes Over Sara To Terrorize DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow In “Necromancing The Stone”

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow take one step further in their battle against Mallus as Sara is tempted by the Death totem. The team face their darkest fears while trying to bring her back from the brink. In “Necromancing the Stone”, Sara’s connection to Mallus is stronger than ever.

The episode opens with the calm before the storm, Sara wakes from a nightmare to find herself in bed with Ava. Sara states that she needs to speak to John Constantine and ask him for advice on how to fight Mallus. She also lets it slip that they slept together less than a month ago. That statement causes Ava to react with jealousy, which Sara counters quickly by officially calling her her girlfriend.

While Ray busies himself with working on the fire totem, the rest of the Legends take off in pairs to work on a variety of anachronisms. Sara stays behind on the ship. She starts to experience headaches and hears a loud, shrill noise, which leads her directly to the death totem. The totem calls for her. A former version of herself as the Black Canary appears and tempts her to take the totem for herself. The vision claims it is the only way to defeat Mallus, and it would give Sara the ability to bring back her sister.

The rest of the Legends return from their respective missions to find that Ray has been attacked and is in critical condition. He is taken to the med bay when Mick and Amaya run into Sara. Sara has taken on the death totem, which amplifies her strength. In combination with Mallus’s influence, it’s turned her into a deadly weapon.

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Sara makes quick work of Amaya and Mick, who, beaten and bruised, return to the med bay, before Sara shuts down the systems on the Waverider. After consulting with Ava, they agree it might be best to look for John Constantine, who has more experience with the magical and mystical.

Wally believes he can take on Sara. Due to the death totem’s influence he sees Jesse, his former girlfriend. He realizes she is merely a projection, but it throws him enough for Sara to take him down.

Zari tries to find Sara next when she stumbles upon her younger brother, the one she wasn’t able to save. She lets her guard down for a second, which gives Sara a chance to attack and take her out as well.

Amaya realizes the only way to counter the death totem is by using the power of another totem. She sends Nate to find the earth totem. After grabbing it, but not being able to access its powers, Nate finds himself face-to-face with his grandfather. The older man blames Nate for his death, and states he is a disappointment to the family.

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New York City, 2018

Meanwhile Ava and Gary head to New York City to find Constantine, who tells them the only way to get rid of Mallus is to kill Sara. Ava refuses to even consider that option. John also tells them that out of the six tribes of Zambesi, one of them turned and joined Mallus. This explains the death totems connection to the demon.

In Mallus’s realm, Sara comes across Nora Darhk. The other woman tells her that the two of them are very similar, and shows Sara a moment from her past. Sara, carrying out the wishes of Ras al Ghul, is seen killing a man in cold blood. His little daughter (from Sara’s nightmare) watches him die. Nora says that Sara shouldn’t try to erase her past. If she joins Mallus, then she can live free from pain and regret.

After everyone else’s attempt at defeating the death totem have failed, Amaya urges Mick to channel his connection to fire and to use the fire totem to bring Sara back. Mick is indeed able to wield the fire totem. With the help of Constantine, he is able to take Sara down. It is eventually Ava’s voice that gets through to Sara in Mallus’s realm. She firmly rejects him and Nora’s invitation to join their team. Sara represses the death totem’s powers and returns to her team.

Unfortunately, the happiness on the ship does not last long, as Sara tells Ava that she cannot be with her. Sara believes the death totem has given her an insight into who she is as a person. She is too damaged to be with someone. She also thinks that the person the death totem has brought out is the real her. It’s a part of her she does not want to share with Ava.

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“Necromancing the Stone” takes the Legends, as well as the audience on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. Through the powers of the death totem every legend is faced with his or her darkest secret, their darkest insecurity. Whether it is Sara’s fear of being unlovable due to her past, or Zari’s guilt over not using the Waverider to save her family, this week’s episode digs deep into our favorite characters. It gives us an idea of who they truly are. Even someone as witty and bright a character as Nate has a dark side to him. It is oh so much fun to explore just that.

John Constantine has returned to once again assist the legends with magic. If Rip Hunter left a hole in the shape of a trench-coat wearing Englishman, then Constantine is just the right person to fill it. His dark humor brings an edge to the team that we are looking forward to experience permanently in the future.

But where does this episode leave us? The legends are no closer to defeating Mallus, despite knowing that the death totem might be the key to just that. Can Sara turn the death totem so that the legends can use it for good? Is Rory’s union with the fire totem going to last? And who is the righteous owner of the earth totem, if not Nate?

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Favorite Lines

John: My business card says, “Master of the Dark Arts,” not “Doctor Ruddy What’s-His-Face.”
Ava: Who?
Gary: Who?
John: Exactly.

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