The Crown’s Queen Claire Foy Got Paid Less Than Her Male Co-Star

Credit: Netflix

The fact that Hollywood actresses get paid less than their male counterparts is no real news anymore. After all, we have heard debates about it for years now. It makes it even more shocking that female leads of a show or movie are still paid less than their male colleagues, even if they have more screen time than them.

It is quite surprising to hear, however, that not even queens are exempt from the gender pay gap that is going on in the film and TV industry.

At the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, which Variety reported, Suzanne Mackie, who is an executive producer on The Crown admitted that Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) did not get paid as much as her co-star Matt Smith (Prince Philip). Even though she was the unquestioned star of the show and she even won a Golden Globe and two SAG awards for her portrayal of the longest reigning monarch of the UK.

Obviously, we all want to know why the queen did not get an equal salary that matched her co-stars. At the conference, Mackie had an explanation for that as well: Smith’s Doctor Who fame.

Fair enough. Still Foy should have at least get the same pay as he did no matter his Doctor Who fame. At the least, she should have gotten a pay raise during the second season, given the show’s and her success. It makes you wonder what else an actress has to do to get the same salary than her male colleagues.

While this news is truly disappointing, there is still some hope for the future:

According to Mackie “no one gets paid more than the Queen” for the seasons to come.

Hopefully, they will hold true to that and future queen Olivia Colman will get paid as much as any male co-star if not even more for being the queen.

Anna Hattingen