Tessa Thompson Says Avengers: Infinity War Will “Galvanize” Fans

Credit: Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War is inching ever closer to hitting movie screens across the world. Fans of the franchise are getting insanely psyched about it.

And why not? This has been building for ten years. It’s a film that is literally a decade in the making. We’re seeing all of the characters on screen. All. Of. Them.

We are ready for it. Give it to us now.

In an interview with Entertainment TonightTessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, gave her best guess for audience reactions of the film.

“I think ‘galvanized.’ The thing that I feel, way before I was ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before I dreamt that I ever would be, is that their characters are, in epic proportion…these superheroes, these god-like characters, and also, meanwhile, incredibly human. I’ve always felt like the strength of Marvel films are not just the action sequences, which, of course, we love as audience members, but really dynamically, that action that happens between these characters.”

She continues with how these interactions will play out. There are plenty of action scenes to be had, but there will be more personal moments.

“Their friendships, their love stories, their loss. I think those are the things that really tug on your heart and make you compelled to really follow characters on their journey so I think the same thing will be true in Avengers: Infinity War and, the truth is, I think the same thing will be true throughout Phase 4 because that’s what Marvel does best.”

We’re certainly going to need to see what comes next.

Avengers: Infinity War hits some theatres on April 25th and worldwide on April 27th.

Bec Heim