Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage Drops Season Two Teaser Trailer And Premiere Date

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Jessica Jones hits our screens come Thursday. We’re more than ready to see her grace our screens again.

This is the curse of the Marvel-Netflix show fan though. When one season approaches, you’re left to wonder when the next will drop.

That next season? It’s all about Luke Cage (Mike Colter), baby. We’re so ready to see the Hero of Harlem on the small screen. (Mainly because he pretty much has his life together in comparison with the other Defenders and that’s nice to see. Also because he’s awesome.)

Today has been a huge info dump of all things Luke Cage season two related.

Most importantly, we have a premiere date.

According to TVLine, all 13 season two episodes will drop on June 22nd. (It’s a Friday for those who have to plan these kinds of things.)

Luke is pretty much ready to take care of Harlem. Anyone who has a problem with it can talk to him. The new teaser trailer is a flat out challenge from the Power Man. Honestly? It’s freaking cool what Colter walk out of an explosion, cool as can be. Get it, Luke!

In addition to all of this? We also get some new pictures from the season. My personal favorite includes Luke posing with some kids. I just find it so sweet and my heart melts.

It’s melted.

Also Misty Knight (Simone Missick) is back. Her bionic arm is freaking amazing in action!

Check out the gallery below.

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Luke Cage season two hits Netflix on June 22nd.

Bec Heim