Split Star Anya Taylor-Joy Shares Update On Nosferatu Remake From The Witch Director

Credit: Universal Pictures

Anya Taylor-Joy has a pretty impressive amount of credits attached to her name with her relatively short career.

She was praised for her role in Robert Eggers’ The Witch. She wowed audiences in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, and will appear in the sequel Glass. In addition, she’s starring in the critically acclaimed black comedy indie film Thoroughbreds. That’s not even touching her role in The New Mutants.

Another role that Taylor-Joy has, though its not officially confirmed, is in a remake of F.W. Murnau’s classic horror film, Nosferatu. The remake was announced about two years ago with Eggers attached to direct.

Since then, we haven’t really heard anything about the project.

In a recent talk with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor-Joy gave an update on the film.

“Right now, Robert is making the Lighthouse, which I could not be more proud of and more excited for, and I’m going to go and visit the set. He’s such a brilliant man — other than being a wonderful human being, he’s such a brilliant director. So, hopefully, we will get the chance to make that together, yeah.”

It looks like we just need to play the waiting game to see if and when this film will be made.

Bec Heim

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