Sebastian Stan Talks Bucky’s Reunion With Cap In Avengers: Infinity War

Credit: Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War is a month away. We couldn’t be freaking out more.

Yes, the chief freak-outs are about who will and die in the film. Then we get into the character interactions. How will Tony (Robert Downey Jr) and Steve (Chris Evans) react to seeing each other again? How will Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fit in with the Guardians of the Galaxy? How badass will the people of Wakanda be?

More importantly, how will Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Steve’s reunion go? WE JUST WANT A HUG, PEOPLE! Let them hug. Let them have a friend moment, dear God.

According to, Stan had a couple things to say on a press visit to the set.

“It went by fast. It felt pretty natural. We weren’t milking the moment or anything. It is what it is. I think the urgency of the circumstance that we find ourselves in kind of makes things go a little bit quicker.”

I don’t know what that means, but I hope it means that they’re happy.

Stan also talked about another highly anticipated meeting between Bucky and Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper). People have been waiting for this since 2014. The answer is kind of pure Bucky.

“As usual I question my own stability, mentally and wonder whether or not I should have just stayed asleep. Things clearly did not get better.”

News flash, he probably doesn’t need Bucky’s arm when he asks for it.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres April 27th.

Bec Heim