RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Tens Across The Board As Season 10 Roars To Life

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Welcome back Drag Race fans, I hope you have recovered from THAT All Stars 3 finale last week and ready to welcome our new queens as Season 10 gets its engines running.

Based on the opening episode, it is clear that Mama Ru isn’t playing this season, so let’s dive right in meet our 14 new queens and see who shouldn’t have bothered unpacking their wigs.

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For the first mini challenge of the season, the queens had to walk the catwalk unveiling their entrance looks, surrounded by some RuPaul’s favourite ex-Drag Race contestants; including All Stars 3 stars Morgan McMichaels and Trixie Mattel, previous winner Jinxx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Detox, Katya, and Peppermint were amongst the audience.  Monét X Change won the mini challenge and the challenge allowed us all to get a really good look at this season’s roster.

For the first maxi challenge of the season, RuPaul took it right back to basics, reprising “Drag on a Dime” which was the first challenge on Season 1 (the forgotten season.) The queens were challenged to create a catwalk look using items from 99¢ store (including pool noodles, dolls, latex gloves, and car sun visors).  The challenge highlighted the rivalry between two of the FIVE New York Queens, Miz Cracker and Aquaria. Yes let’s discuss as well as those two we also have Yuhua Hamasaki, Dusty Ray Bottoms, and Monét X Change and they all know each other from the New York drag scene. Will this cause alliances to form as the season progresses or will it cause fractions within the group only time will tell?

Can we take a moment to say how STUNNING RuPaul looked in her black and white catsuit, and it was so good to see Mama Ru rocking a different look.

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As we all knew Christina Aguilera was the guest judge, and like last year with Lady Gaga, and Aguilera helped RuPaul play a trick on the queens, making it seem like Farah Moan was making a return to the competition! The queens went from dying to gagged within seconds when they realised it was Aguilera.

Mini Challenge Winner: Monét X Change
Maxi Challenge: Drag on a Dime: Construct a runway outfit out of miscellaneous items from a 99¢ Store.
Main Challenge Winner: Mayhem Miller
Bottom Two: Kalorie Karbdashian Williams and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
Lip-Sync For Your Life: “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera
Shantay You Stay: Kalorie Karbdashian Williams
Sashay Away: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

For week one, I think that the bottom two was right, and that Vanessa was the right queen to go home. At the other end of the spectrum, the panel was full of praise for Miz Cracker (who I think I will get rather bored of quite quickly) and Mayhem Miller (who has auditioned for the show multiple times) was the deserved winner this week. I was also a fan of Kameron Michaels, who is a stunning queen, and a gorgeous man (all the other queens were of a similar opinion, did you see their faces as they saw Michaels de-drag?).  At the moment I think I am most keen on Blair St. Clair, Eureka, and Kameron, but that may change as I get to know the queens.

Next week the theme is “PharmaRusical”, and Drag Race alumni Alyssa Edwards will make a guest appearance, so check back next week for my girl Emmy’s view on week two of Season 10.

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