Nancy Drew Gets A Comic Makeover From Jem And The Hologram’s Writer Kelly Thompson

Credit: Jenn St-Onge/Dynamite Entertainment

Growing up, I read a ton of Nancy Drew. A pre-teen/teen girl (depending on the book) solving mysteries with her two best friends; it was amazing to read for me, especially since Nancy solved the cases by out-thinking her opponents.

I pretty much believe that my love for intellectual heroes and mysteries started with reading Nancy Drew when I probably should have been asleep. For the most part, the Nancy Drew books have been sent off to charity. The fondness, however, remains.

It looks like Nancy is the next character to get a modern update in comic form.

Dynamite Entertainment will be revamping the character in a new series that will be released this June. They’ve assembled an amazing all-female team to tackle the project.

Writer Kelly Thompson, best known for her excellent revamp of Jem and the Holograms, will pen the project. She will be joined by artist Jenn St-Onge (Bingo Love) for the interiors. They will be joined by Triona Farrell on colors and Ariana Maher on letters. Finally, the project will be edited by Nancy Cosby.

The story will feature the 17-year-old Nancy Drew returning to the home and people that she left behind. She needs to solve a mystery (obviously) that involves both childhood friends and enemies. Finally, she needs to make sure to survive this case because someone wants to end her permanently.

Thompson and St-Onge released statements discussing the upcoming project.

Thompson said, “One of my absolute favorite things about Nancy is the look on people’s faces when you say her name. Everyone from my mother (who is never terribly interested in my superhero projects, but is very kind and pretends to be!) to friends of all different ages have this incredible connection to Nancy — and everyone sees her a bit differently. She is a powerful character that can connect to so many different people in so many different ways.”

St-Onge discussed her personal connection to the character. “As someone who read stacks of Carolyn Keene’s mystery stories as a young girl, Nancy Drew has been high on my list of ‘characters I’d like to draw comics of’ for a while now. Getting to work on a series that I loved as a kid, as well as collaborating with Kelly Thompson again is honestly the best possible combination I could’ve asked for!”.

Check out the covers for the first issue below. Artists include St-Onge, Annie Wu, Marguerite Sauvage and Tula Lotay.

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