Krysten Ritter On How Jessica Jones Season Two’s “Intense” Depiction Of The #MeToo Movement

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Tomorrow the long-awaited Jessica Jones season two will finally drop on Netflix.

While Kilgrave (David Tennant) is very much dead, it doesn’t mean that Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is magically less screwed up. That’s not how these things work.

The show, however, still has a finger on the pulse of women’s issues. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Krysten Ritter talked about how the show (accidentally) stumbled into a #MeToo inspired storyline before the movement was really a thing.

(Light spoilers ahead.)

One of the cases in the first five episodes screened for the press involves a filmmaker with a history of abusing women. The timing is definitely pretty perfect, even though the story was written months beforehand.

Ritter said, “We finished shooting before the #MeToo movement, and we were all kind of like, ‘Wow.’ It’s a completely crazy coincidence. When all of that started coming out, we were all texting each other: ‘Holy shit. We’re doing this on our show!’ The #MeToo movement started in October, I believe, and we finished shooting on Oct. 1.”

Ritter shares her hope that the storyline will inspire more conversations. She feels that’s something the show does very well.

“It’s pretty intense and uncanny, but also it’s cool and exciting to have a show that can express the anger that a lot of people are feeling. I love Jessica Jones because of the work I get to do and the material as an actress. But obviously, the fact that we participate in a huge social conversation? It’s amazing. It doesn’t happen every day that you’re on a show you love doing and acting in that also inspires a lot of social conversations.”

Of course, the main focus of season two is going to be an exploration into Jessica’s past. How did she get her powers? How did she become so dark? According to Ritter, “Shit was fucked up way before Kilgrave.”

In this, the season two theme “digging deeper” comes into play. What Ritter, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, the writers, and even the fans want to understand is what makes Jessica…Jessica.

“The main goal for myself and [Rosenberg] and the writers was to go deeper. I wanted to explore Jessica’s past and find out when she became so dark. When did she become so colorless? And why? Why is she like this? We need more. We need more information.”

Hopefully we’re getting some when Jessica Jones season two drops tomorrow.

Bec Heim