Fitz Battles With Himself In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “The Devil Complex”

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Well, we all know what it’s like getting married on a sci-fi show. One minute you’re happier than ever, the next your husband’s evil doppelganger from a digital world suddenly manifests and puts your life and the lives of all of your teammates in danger. The Doctor, and not the fun time traveling alien one, is back this week.

The Fear Rift is still leaking away. Fitz is struggling to figure out how to fit the gravitonium into the device he built to contain the rift. While working, he and Simmons are attacked by an astronaut, which seems to shake Fitz more than his wife. The team does get one bit of good news: Coulson and May are able to capture General Hale. But when Deke goes to tell Fitz this, he is knocked out cold. Fitz takes off his welding mask to show us it’s the evil Doctor Fitz from the Framework.

Whatever Coulson hoped to get from Hale isn’t happening. In fact, she engineered her own capture so that she could get close to Coulson. She also brought along Carl Creel, who is strapped with explosives, and Anton Ivanov, or at least one of his LMD copies created by AIDA. Since she very much has the upper hand, Coulson agrees to go with Hale, much to May’s consternation.

Soon enough, both Fitzes come face to face. Our Fitz is horrified by whatever the Doctor means when he says, “I’m here to do what you’re unwilling to do.” This involves programming a robot to knock out Daisy and sending another robot to attack Simmons, Mack, and Yo-Yo. Mack is able to take it down but is shot in the leg during the fight.

The Doctor has Daisy strapped to an operating table and is preparing to remove her inhibitor chip. This would give her back her powers, which he thinks is the key to using the gravitonium to close the rift. Fitz bursts in to stop him and the two argue back and forth until Daisy finally says, “Who are you talking to?” That’s when Simmons rushes in and we see there’s only one Fitz present.

The Doctor isn’t from the Fear Dimension but just a regular hallucination from Fitz’s mind. Everything that’s happened, from the robots attacking to operating on Daisy, has been Fitz’s doing. He’s even programmed a robot to hold Simmons and Deke at gunpoint until he finishes the job. Amid Daisy’s pleas, Fitz removes the inhibitor. He then directs her to compress the gravitonium and seal the rift. It works but at what cost?

Fitz hands himself over to be locked up. He admits to Simmons that he’s been hearing The Doctor in his head since they returned from the Framework and he recently started seeing him. She tries to explain his behavior as his old brain injury acting up because of the trauma of the Framework and time travel but Fitz takes responsibility. And he doesn’t seem to regret his actions because he believes they were right

Alone, Simmons cries. She feels that as Fitz is losing himself, she is losing him. Deke tries to comfort her by reminding her that she knows Fitz better than anyone, including himself. And the reason he knows that is because he’s their grandson. The music swells in the background as this touching moment stretches and Deke’s face is shining with hope… and then Simmons throws up. Kind of rude, grandma.

Hale reports to her superior that she is close to getting what they need. “The Confederacy” hands her a potion to use in case she is facing failure and it looks very much like the potion Kasius used to activate his last stand, berserker rage. But when Hale salutes her superiors she says, “Hail Hydra.”

Field Notes

  • The astronaut at the start of the episode was definitely one of Fitz’s fears, not Simmons. His fear that some thing or someone will break up his relationship with Simmons.
  • When Fitz tells the others that the Doctor is loose in the base, he calls him “Leopold.” Which makes me think of the 100th episode when Daisy angrily calls Fitz by his full first name when he suggests that Coulson dying to close the rift is “acceptable.”
  • All the men on this show (except Deke) are being serious martyrs right now. Mack putting his well being over Yo-Yo’s, despite her protests. Fitz potentially sacrificing his marriage and friendships and his morality. Coulson going into a certain trap.
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