DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Learn The True Identity Of Director Sharpe In “I, Ava”

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It’s time to learn a bit more about Ava Sharpe.

In this week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ,half the team travels to the future to find out the true identity of Ava, while the other half comes face-to-face with the Darhks. In “I, Ava”, our heroes lose more than they are willing to admit.

Still reeling from her break up with Ava, and the fact that she was taken over by Mallus, Sara is ready to turn her back on her team. She puts Amaya in charge. Before she can leave the ship, however, Gary finds her and tells her Ava has gone missing. Sara reluctantly agrees to join Gary in looking for Ava, and Ray tags along. While in Ava’s office, the Legends learn that her file has been wiped by someone on the Waverider. The only clue they are left with is an address from her parents in Fresno.

Sara, Ray, and Gary head to Fresno, where they find a picture-perfect home filed with memories of a happy childhood. Unfortunately, the whole scene is fake. Sara is able to uncover a lie, and the Legends learn that Ava’s parents are actors. They were hired to pretend to be Ava’s family.

Back at the Time Bureau, they run into Ava, who is behaving suspiciously. She tells them she went to Fresno to be with her parents for a few days, which is clearly a lie. They find out that Vancouver in 2213 is a no-fly zone, which was also Ava’s first mission. Of course, the Legends ignore the Time Bureau’s rules and head to the future.

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It doesn’t take Sara, Ray, and Gary long to realize why 2213 was a no-fly zone. They stumble upon a number of Avas. They learn that in the future, Ava has been created out of a variety of DNA strands to create the perfect woman – and Director Sharpe has to be a clone herself.

Just as the Legends are able to control one of the AVA corporation clones, Director Sharpe joins them. She is shocked to learn who she really is. While Sara believed Ava knew of her own identity, she was actually blissfully unaware. As the quartet plans their way out of the AVA facility, Direcor Sharpe admits she spent the last few days calling her ex in Vegas and using a questionable dating app.

Unfortunately, her conversation with Sara is cut short when they are interrupted by an army of AVAs. They fight their way through them. Eventually, they make it back to the ship. There, Ava has a hard time coping with the truth. Sara tells her she does not have the luxury of falling apart now. She also tells her that it must have been Rip Hunter, who recruited Ava originally that has now erased her file.

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On the Waverider, Amaya is quick to put Zari in charge of training Mick to use the fire totem, which does not go over well. Nate then alerts her that her granddaughter Mari was hurt in the present time. Amaya believes that due to Darhk taking the totem from her, Maris is losing her powers and therefore vulnerable to attacks. The team agrees Amaya cannot confront her granddaughter. Nate and Wally head to Detroit to check in on her.

Nate and Wally head to the hospital to speak to Mari, which is where they spot Kuasa, her sister. She tells them that despite what happened within her family, Mari is still her sister, and she was worried. Kuasa convinces Nate to offer himself up to the Darhks in return for Amaya’s totem. Nora surprisingly agrees. Instead of freeing Nate once they acquired it, Kuasa decides to betray him, and leaves him with the Dahrks. Kuasa says he is the biggest threat to her family, as he keeps Amaya from fulfilling her destiny.

Kuasa returns the totem to Amaya, who tells her she is beyond redemption for leaving Nate behind, and that she was never worthy to carry the totem. Just as Mallus (in Nora’s body) is about to kill Nate, Amaya and Wally appear and try to face the demon, with very little success. Nora claims Amaya’s totem is still under Mallus’ influence. Kuasa joins the fight and rescues Nate. As she protects Amaya, Wally and Nate from Mallus, Nora rips Kuasa’s water totem out of her chest, which immediately kills her.

After they return to the Waverider, Nate and Amaya have a conversation about who is to blame for Kuasa’s death. Amaya, fuelled by her guilt, takes the jump ship to 1992, despite knowing that saving her village and messing with time will have catastrophic consequences …

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Phew, what an episode – filled with twists and turns. Ava Sharpe is a clone. There is more than one Ava. Most importantly, she is modeled after the perfect woman. That’s a lot to take in for Ava herself and the team, as they contemplate why Rip lied to them. Why did he recruit Ava in the first place? What did he have to gain from bringing a clone into his Time Bureau?

Kuasa is dead, which is clearly the episode’s most shocking moment. You may have been convinced she, as a totem bearer, would play a bigger role in defeating Mallus. Unfortunately, she was taken too soon. Kuasa could have been a very interesting antagonist to Amaya, if Legends would have let her develop just a bit further. This week’s episode was the first time Kuasa showed a softer side, a more family-oriented side. It’s a shame that it will be the last time, too.

Mallus may have lost one totem, but he gained another. So nothing changes, and he remains the same bland bad guy that he has been all season. Who is he really? And will we care, once his real identity is revealed, or will Mallus join Vandal Savage in the Hall of Fame of Awful Villains?

Favorite Lines

Zari: I said just the target, you idiot.
Mick: I’m the idiot? You’re the one who doesn’t eat when you’re hungry.

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