BUY THOSE TICKETS: Avengers: Infinity War Moves Up A Week

Credit: Marvel Studios

We here at 4 Your Excitement are Marvel fans (obviously). We love our MCU. We eagerly await, discuss, and debate the movies.

We love them.

What our U.S. staff, most of us, don’t like is waiting a week longer than the rest of the world to get our Marvel fix. Spoilers people. They’re so hard to avoid.

It looks like Marvel and Disney decided to take a page out of Doctor Who‘s playbook to avoid the spoiler trap by releasing the film on the same day worldwide.

For those of you not Whovians, when Doctor Who aired its 50th anniversary special, it aired it the same time worldwide. This way it cut down on spoilers and fans got to experience things together.

While some markets will get Avengers: Infinity War on April 25th, most international markets will have it April 27th. The U.S., like most Marvel films, would have gotten in on May 4th.

Now, however, it’s April 27th. This makes a lot of sense, probably to get a couple weeks domianting the box office. May also has Solo and Deadpool.

It was actually announced in a pretty fun exchange between Robert Downey Jr and Marvel Studios on Twitter.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out April 27th. Prepare yourselves.

Bec Heim