Black Panther Star Makes Seven Year Old Fan A Member Of The Jabari Tribe

Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Panther recently crossed the $1 Billion Dollar at the global box office, and part of the movie’s massive success is due to the love that fans feel towards the movie. One of those fans was 7-year-old Jordan Rae Bascombe-Ralph. With the help of his mother Brittni Rae Bascombe, he did a top-notch impression of Lord M’Baku (played by Winston Duke in the movie).

People around the world took the M’Baku challenge where fans were invited give their best version of M’Baku’s opening speech from Black Panther.  The video of 7-year-old Jordan doing the challenge went viral, and he and his mom were invited to appear on Good Morning America.  The GMA producers had already surprised Jordan with a supply of Black Panther merchandise but the surprises didn’t end there.

The GMA team had reached out to Duke and he thanked the young fan and in part of the message he even used M’Baku’s accent, and he went on to thank Jordan for his participation in the challenge:

“Jordan, I, M’Baku, leader of the Jabari wish to make you an honorary member of my tribe. Thank you for killing the M’Baku challenge, you are amazing. I love you. You’re amazing. Thank you for participating. Thank you for making such an amazing video. I couldn’t have done it better myself. You did forest. You did everyone’s voice, so cool. Thank you, thank your family. You guys are awesome. Bless.”

Duke went on to share part of the Good Morning America interview on his Instagram account with the hashtag #representationmatters.

The message from Duke rendered Jordan speechless, but who wouldn’t be when seeing one of your idols speaking directly to you. Jordan is a light in the world, and all we can say is Wakanda Forever.