Barry And Iris Swap Roles In “Run, Iris, Run” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week was pulse pounding! It was also, quite possibly, the best episode of the season. It was also blissfully DeVoe and bus-meta free. Not for long, DeVoe 4.0 is still out there with his shaky sanity and laundry list of powers.

This week, however, we see Barry and Iris switch roles on the team. With Barry as the command center powerless leader, while Iris is the speedster superhero. I do have questions about what the purple lightning means (since they all have meaning apparently). Hopefully, it will be answered!

So let’s get started on the Freaky Friday, shall we?

Late Night: Harry and Cisco are discussing ways to protect the last three bus metas. Also apparently on Earth-2, mad science is an area of study. Cisco tries to get Harry to get some rest because DeVoe has already out-thought him. It sparks an idea for Harry to create his own Thinking Cap. He shows everyone the footage of DeVoe getting his intellect boosted. He wants to use the Cap to do the same to himself. Everyone is in agreement, except Cisco who doesn’t want any part of it. He doesn’t want Harry to turn into another DeVoe. Ralph, however, is upset that they have an idea, but they’re not using it. Harry tells Barry they are going to do it with or without his help. Ralph and Iris have an hallway talk, but Ralph is keeping himself out of DeVoe’s reach. He tells Iris that she doesn’t have an idea what he and the others are going through because she’s never been out there. Barry meets up with Joe at Jitterz for a progress report on his job. The Mayor, however, wants a sit down with the DeVoes in order to reinstate Barry. A Central City bank is getting robbed by Eric Fry who runs into Eric Kim who transfers his powers into Jaco Birch.

Switching: Cisco meets with Joe at the bank to look over the crime scene. Joe tells Cisco about how the guy’s power stopped working. Cisco confirms that Eric has no dark matter in his body. While everyone tries to figure out what happened, Ralph depresses himself and has to leave. They zero in on Matthew, who is an EMT at Central City General. Iris heads out into the field with Joe to get some experience, leaving Barry a little out of sorts. Ralph becomes Harry’s new partner for the Thinking Cap project. Even without the dark matter, it’s working big time. He extrapolates that Ralph is going commando. Then his Cap sets itself on fire. Joe and Iris have a little talk about what Ralph said. Joe tells her not to listen to Ralph because she has put herself on the line when needed. Joe starts to question Matthew, who gets antsy and holds Iris hostage. Joe sets out the signal and Barry arrives to help. When he touches Matthew, however, his powers are transferred to Iris.

Lightning: Iris runs through the Speed Lab in absolute joy. Caitlin confirms the switch. Matthew is confirmed to be a bus meta and has switching powers. They want to get him on their side first so DeVoe can’t get his powers. They realize that they need to look for the guy who has Fry’s powers. Cisco and Harry continue to bicker over the Cap. Caitlin confronts Cisco about his resistance to the plan. She tells Cisco that Harry is going to do this. So he might as well be safe. Iris practices her speed, but notices that Barry is less than fine. Barry just feels like that DeVoe is taking away things from him: his job, his speed. He still has Iris though. Iris reassures Barry that Caitlin will find something. Caitlin and Iris are going to head out into the field to stop a fire. Barry takes Iris’ spot on comms. She rescues the five people on the fourteenth floor before heading back to put out the fire. Barry tells her to use the wind funnels t suck out the oxygen from the room, but it’s making it worst. She then gets hit by falling debris. Barry can’t talk Iris into vibrating her body fast enough. Cisco, however, breaches to save Iris pulling her out just in time.

Flipped: Iris is almost healed from last night’s excursion. Ralph is not thrilled with this new situation. When Harry asks Caitlin if she can do anything about it, she admits that they need Matthew to turn them back. Cisco catches up with Harry in the hall and offers his help on the Thinking Cap with two conditions. Iris works on her speed and Barry tries to get her to take a minute to get used to everything. Iris, however, refuses. She needs to prove to herself that she is still fearless. (Also she is no longer a reporter. So I guess she gets paid the same way Cisco and Caitlin are?) They find Jaco, who has Fry’s powers, and Matthew is nearby. Iris tells Cisco and Caitlin to stay because she’s handling it. That’s when she gets her short-notice costume from Cisco. Iris runs to handle the situation. Matthew arrives on the scene to handle Jaco, who tells Matthew what he did. Iris nabs Matthew and confronts Jaco who makes burns as hot as lava. He becomes a thermal cyclone threatening thousands of lives. Harry uses the Cap to have Iris to create a tidal wave. Barry relays the plan and encouragement to Iris. Iris starts to run and creates a tidal wave while Joe leads the other cops away. Iris is able to extinguish Jaco and save the day.

Back: Matthew apologizes to Iris and Barry for he did. He asks if they both want to do this. Barry makes sure with Iris before Matthew swaps them back. They both are back to normal. Matthew still beats himself up, but Iris offers Matthew a spot on the team. Matthew accepts. Iris goes to talk to Ralph, who is scared out of his mind. She shares about Savitar last year. Iris tells Ralph that if he needs to make a decision to not give into fear, to choose his life. Ralph apologizes for what he said earlier and tells her that he makes one hell of a Flash in or out of costume. Together, the pair leave STAR Labs. Back at the apartment, Barry brings home a pizza. He also tells Iris if she is good about giving up the speed. She tells Barry that he is the light they need when the world grows dark. It’s not her way though. Hers is sharing the story with others. Back at STAR Labs, Cisco shuts down the Thinking Cap. Harry knows the last two bus metas: Janet Petty and Edwin Goss (?).

Bec Heim