Andrew Garfield Grows Increasingly Paranoid In The Tense Under The Silver Lake Trailer

Credit: A24

In the new thriller from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell, it doesn’t take long to notice that something’s not quite right.

The new trailer for the thriller Under the Silver Lake makes that clear right off the bat. So get ready to trust no one, not even our protagonist.

One night 30-something Sam (Andrew Garfield) meets his neighbor, Sarah (Riley Keough), who is swimming in the pool of their apartment complex. While he doesn’t join her in the pool, he does spend the night with her. The next morning, he realizes that she disappeared with her apartment totally empty. No one knows what happened to her. So it’s up to Sam to play detective on search through the strange colorful Los Angeles to find his missing neigh.

Unfortunately, Sam’s amateur sleuthing becomes an obsession as he delves deeper and deeper into the case. He can’t shake the strange circumstances of the case. It does lead him down some really comical and bizarre adventures.

But the question is: did she really disappear?

Sam’s behavior also makes it unclear if all the clues he’s finding are real or not. Are they? Or does he see all these clues because he wants to find them so badly? So what is real or what is not?

The film also stars Topher Grace, Laura-Leigh, Zosia Mamet, and Jimmi Simpson. Mitchell also wrote the script for the feature.

Under The Silver Lake hits theatres June 22nd in the US.