“All the Comforts of Home” Aren’t Very Comforting On Agents Of SHIELD

Credit: ABC

The Olympics are over and that means Agents of SHIELD is back. Even though their landmark 100th episode isn’t until next week, there is no shortage of surprises and twists in tonight’s episode.

Remember General Hale, the military woman from Fitz’s episode who shot her own soldiers? She has a daughter, Ruby, who is your regular rebel teenager. But it’s a slight sticking point between them that Ruby is obsessed with Daisy and directly questions whether her mother is a “good guy.” All Hale wants is for her daughter to not skip class.

Coulson and the entire team arrive back in their present day but still in the Lighthouse. At this point in time, it’s just a super secret SHIELD hideout that was basically forgotten since the 70s. Another of Enoch’s alien friends, Noah, is there to help SHIELD get readjusted. For example, he explains that the monoliths housed in the basement are there because it’s the safest place for them. Yeah, sure buddy.

Daisy comes to and, surprisingly, accepts that Coulson had refused to leave her behind. However, as soon as the team wants to move out to investigate an alien beacon that recently appeared, she decides to stay behind. Depending on how things end up playing out, it’s either ultimately a good thing or a bad thing that she did. At the very least, it means she’s nearby when Deke(!) pops up. Somehow the explosion on the space station launched him through the monolith as well. He is overjoyed to be outside and beside himself to discover the wondrous drink, Zima.

Although he’s only been on Earth for a couple of hours, Deke ends up in jail after getting drunk and having no money to pay his tab. When Daisy finds out, she goes to scoop him up by pretending to be a social worker. But one of the local police officers, likely recognizing her, phones the military to report SHIELD is back on the radar.

Arriving at the beacon site, the team finds a familiar face. Piper, a member of May’s strike team, has been doing her best to continue SHIELD’s mission even with everyone else gone. She came to check out the beacon, which is designed to call the Kree to Earth. When Fitz finds a manmade timer implanted in the beacon’s wiring, the truth is revealed. The device was used to draw SHIELD in and Piper is helping the General in charge. She holds everyone at gunpoint while a group of masked robots arrives to take them into custody.

Now before you scream “Traitor!” (no, I didn’t start doing that…), Piper believes she is only helping the U.S. Military bring in SHIELD for questioning and to keep them safe. It quickly becomes clear those orders are more about “killing” and less about “capturing.” Piper reverts back to helping SHIELD as they all fight off the robots. Mack gets into a tight spot and Yo-Yo rushes to help him. That’s when the mysterious and silent leader of the robot squad throws her Xena-style Chakram (a metal throwing disc) and cuts off both of Yo-Yo’s arms. I shout in horror.

The team rushes out, leaving Yo-Yo’s arms behind, and get back to the Lighthouse so Simmons can get to work saving Yo-Yo’s life. Fitz and Noah store the beacon away right in front of the monoliths. Not the location I would’ve picked. And I’m almost instantly vindicated because the beacon turns out to be a hidden bomb, which Noah throws himself at to give Fitz and Daisy a chance to run to safety.

And that mysterious, Xena fan? It’s General Hale’s daughter, Ruby. Her “room” is more like a secure bunker and “class” is assassin training, I’m assuming. Ruby has no remorse about maiming and possibly killing Yo-Yo. Her only goal is to get Daisy. But Hale needs more super-powered people on her side. In the final scene, we see her recruiting Carl Creel aka the Absorbing Man to a new “team.”

Field Notes

  • I had thought Yo-Yo lost her arms due to Kasius, not in the present. Didn’t we see her in the future with two arms still?
  • I am overjoyed Deke is alive and in the present. He deserved a happy ending to his story.
  • Philip J. Coulson, you need to be honest with Melinda May about whatever is slowly killing you. Don’t hurt her/me like this.
Stephanie Coats