Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Searches High And Low For The Ghost Ship “Principia”

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After the short break of the 100th episode, we’re back to figuring out how to save the world. Gravitonium is a major part of the answer but it’s also pretty scarce. So it’s time for some good, old-fashioned spy work.

But before we jump into that portion of the episode, let’s see who remembers Alex Von Strucker. He was the son of HYDRA baddie Wolfgang and previously been tortured by Ward for information. Then Coulson had him put into the memory machine so they could get information too and that process has had some unfortunate side effects. Alex now has an eidetic memory but can also recall the feeling of pain, which is especially bad because his dad used to beat him all the time.

Anyway, Alex just wants to be lobotomized or killed but General Hale intervenes after he attacks his therapist. She has him transferred to the same facility where she keeps Ruby and asks him to help her mission by reciting any and all information he remembers about his father. When Alex refuses, Hale sends in Ruby to persuade him. She does this very effectively by telling Alex they can form their own team and turn on her mom when the time is right. He finds this idea pretty appealing and decides to stick around.

Meanwhile at S.H.I.E.L.D…

Yo-Yo is still coming to terms with losing her arms. Even though some cool cybernetic prosthetics are definitely an option, Coulson admits it doesn’t feel the same. Thankfully Mack is sticking by her side no matter what. He’s such a sweetheart.

The rift that Coulson so climatically sealed last week is already leaking again. They need more gravitonium to seal it properly. Daisy thinks the answers lies with Cybertech, the last known possessor of the substance. When hunting down one of the Cybertech scientists, they run into a guy who turns out to be an old academy buddy of Mack. Tony Kane has some anecdotes about Mack’s love for MC Hammer but, unfortunately, says the Deathlok program that Cybertech spearheaded is long dead. Daisy and May doubly disappointed because they’d hoped to find a way to cure Coulson, the same way Cybertech managed to keep John Garrett alive despite his severe injury.

Tony is able to help S.H.I.E.L.D. find out about the last ship that was transporting gravitonium. It’s been lost at sea for years and Fitz’s search yields nothing. Then Deke suggests the ship might be in the sky and he’s right. Lightning hit the ship, activated the gravitonium and sent it soaring high into the atmosphere.

The team infiltrates the floating ghost ship but find most of the gravitonium gone and a few of Hale’s robot “flying monkeys” lingering. Mack scoops up the remains of the substance into a case, which gives them 90 seconds to get out of the ship before it plummets (harmlessly?) back down. He also grabs a dead robot to take back with him to give Fitz a good starting point for cybernetic arms for Yo-Yo.


Field Notes

  • Deke figures out his family connection to FitzSimmons when he overhears Simmons say the same advice that his mom used to say. But he doesn’t say anything other than to quietly call Fitz “Grandpa” behind his back.
  • When Yo-Yo asked if Mack was okay dating someone with two robot arms he replied that those “aren’t the parts that matter.” Heh. Of course, he then clarified he meant her heart and soul are what matter. Which I believe because Mack’s a sweetie. But also. *giggling*
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