Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 100: Top Five Scenes That Were Out Of This World

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Our favorite Marvel ABC show is about to celebrate that one big mile stone. On Friday Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  will be celebrating its 100th episode, and in order to do we are going to celebrate our favorite moments from the series so far.

We have laughed with them, cried with them, possibly even yelled with them. We have gone on a 5 year journey with these characters and along the way we have lived through so many moments together. Here is a compilation of our favorite scenes on the show so far.

“You mean a lot to me. A lot.”

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Stephanie: Oh, what’s that you hear? It’s my heart swelling and shattering. This confession from the stoic Melinda May sealed my devotion to Philinda. In the scene, she’s just told Coulson that she was ordered to deceive him but she follows up her angry and rapid rundown of what she did by telling Coulson why. It’s because she cares about him. He means a lot to her. A LOT.

Emmy: This is the line that started my journey onto the USS Philinda. The normally stoic May was so vulnerable, and the emotion was raw. Leading up to this scene, while we loved May, we were also mad at her because she was keeping this huge secret from him but the reasoning behind of it made up for it 100%.

Daisy emerging as Quake

Stephanie: It’s a scene that had everyone freaking out. This was nothing I expected from Agents of SHIELD. The effects were stunning. This one moment rocketed the show into a new territory that had everyone turning to their friends who had stopped watching in season one and saying, “You need to catch up.”

Emmy: The build up to this scene made the actual delivery so much better. The visuals were so on point. For me, all I could do was laugh at those who gave up on this show midway season one. The only fault I can find in this scene is that it led the death of Tripp.

“You’re dinner, beyotch!.”

Stephanie: Can an entire episode count as a top scene? Well in that case, I loved that time when Jemma Simmons, stuck on a desolate planet, went for a swim and killed the monster that lived in that little pond so she could eat it for dinner.

Emmy: I can get behind with saying this episode can count as a top scene. Simmons going all warrior princess-esque and doing anything to survive gave me so much life.

LMD May’s final monologue

Stephanie: Are my feelings about this scene influenced by my Philinda feelings? Hell yes. But it’s still incredibly moving and powerful. From the moment LMD May figured out she was a robot, I knew she was somehow going to make me cry. And she did. In her final scene, she helps Daisy and Simmons escape so they can try to save the real May and everyone else. As LMD May blocks LMD Coulson from following, she says her desire to be close to the real Coulson was genuine because it came from the real May. “And I’m sorry to say, you’re not him.” Then she blows up him and herself.

Emmy: Never. going. to. be. over. this. This scene broke me. The fact that LMD May was so in tuned with the real May’s feelings was so heartbreaking. Brb sobbing forever again.

“It’s science, biatch” and “I’m the guy who kills Gordon.”

Stephanie: This whole episode was so good but these were two standout lines, for sure. I loved Fitz finding his confidence and sass after a season of recovering from his brain injury. And has there been a more iconic Mack moment?

Emmy: These two moments will go down in history. Sassy Fitz and Sassy Mack are the best Fitz and Mack ever.

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