Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 100: In Memoriam: Five Deaths That Left Us Reeling Or Shocked Us

ABC’s hit drama Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the many shows loved by us, here at 4YE, and it is reaching one of the biggest milestones in television history: the 100th episode.

Because of that, it is only fitting that we take the time to reflect on how much this show means to us and look back at some of the show’s most memorable moments, characters and so much more.

We are kicking off our appreciation for all things S.H.I.E.L.D. by taking a look at some of the most memorable deaths on the show. We have cried, been shocked, and angered by many of the deaths over the years, but these ten are the ones that stood out to us the most.

Grab some tissues and let’s have a moment of silence as we look at the ten deaths that left us reeling on S.H.I.E.L.D.


Stephanie: You know this is number one. I will never stop hoping for a way to permanently bring Tripp back to this show. In no way did I expect him to die AT ALL much less encased in rock and then accidentally quaked apart when Daisy received her powers. He died helping his friend so I suppose there’s some comfort in that but actually no because everyone loved Tripp and there was so much more to explore in his story. Now excuse me while I go cry for a bit.

Emmy: As anyone who listens to our podcast will tell, we are never going to be over Tripp’s death. It was so unexpected from the buildup with him getting encased to Daisy accidentally delivering the death blow. BJ Britt was such a wonderful addition to the cast as Tripp, and it was such a damn shame to see him go. Now, if you will also excuse me, I’ll be joining Stephanie in the corner to cry.


Stephanie: This had so much build up because we knew someone was going to die but I really didn’t think it would be Lincoln. I miss him. He was good and loyal and compassionate. He was a good partner for Daisy because he challenged her but also helped her embrace the Inhuman part of herself. The pain of his death was turned up to 11 by his last minute love confession, which sent Daisy spiraling down the vigilante path.

Emmy: Poor Daisy. She doesn’t have much luck in the love department, and we all thought she finally got a break with Lincoln, but we were oh so wrong. Luke Mitchell’s turn as Lincoln left us swooning from the moment he graced our screens, and his chemistry with Chloe Bennet’s Daisy was the stuff that dreams are made of. What made his death so heartbreaking was his last minute I love you.


Stephanie: This did not hurt me at all. It was cathartic. It wasn’t even surprising that Coulson was the one to kill Ward. As the leader of SHIELD, it was fitting to have Coulson get rid of what was always their greatest threat. But crushing Ward’s chest on a barren planet somewhere out in the solar system was not how I saw it going down. That was brutal and personal and uncharacteristically savage for Coulson.

Emmy: Grant Ward had more lives than a damn cat and was the villain we all loved to hate. That being said, that Game of Thrones-esque death he had at the hands of Coulson was definitely gag worthy and completely unexpected.


Stephanie: Ok, I’m bad, I kind of forgot about this one. But dang did this come out of nowhere. And to have Ward coldly shoot her and reveal himself as a HYDRA mole was a huge WTF moment to end an episode.

Emmy: This one made our list because it led to the biggest reveal of the season. Damn shame that it cost us one hell of a SHIELD agent in Saffron Burrows’ Victoria Hand.


Stephanie: I was kind of disappointed by Andrew’s exit, by which I mean Lash’s exit. There had been a lot of time put in to Lash’s character and who he was. It was a mystery we thoroughly enjoyed figuring out. I was on board with Lash being able to counteract Hive’s mind control powers, thereby allowing Daisy to break free. But then he was killed by Hellfire right after? Underwhelming.

Emmy: This one gutted me because he died saving Daisy when we all thought he was trying to kill her. Not to mention, May’s utter devastation afterwards was a total gut punch as well. What was so frustrating, as Stephanie mentioned, was that Hellfire took him out. Lash definitely deserved better.


Stephanie: Well now we’re just asking for pain. Does it count as a death if she was only a digital simulation? Yes, if only because Mack felt her loss as truly as if she had died (again) in the real world. I am still waiting for an explanation as to why AIDA could come out of the Framework into a new human body but Hope had to dissolve into digital dust in Mack’s arms.

Emmy: Last season totally wrecked us as far as our emotional states were concerned but dammit, I wasn’t ready to be emotionally compromised by a digital little girl. This one hurt mainly because it gutted our big bad-ass shot-gun axe wheeling teddy bear Mack like nothing else. Between Hope and Tripp, I was really hoping one of them could make it out of the framework.

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Stephanie Coats