Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 100: 8 Villains That We Loved To Hate

As much as we love our favorite agents, we can’t help but develop a soft spot for the charismatic and often diabolical villains. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had its fair share of villains, with most being right on par with the big screen villains like Loki, and Thanos, just to name a few.

As S.H.I.E.L.D celebrates its 100th episode we will take a look at the best villains the show has brought to live over the last five years. Whether we love to hate them or hate to love them, those villains have kept us interested for more than five seasons.


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Stephanie: The best at being the absolute worst. Not only did she switch out May for a robot double but she is also indirectly responsible for the fake out Philinda kiss that I will never forget or forgive. But I can’t completely hate her because she’s the reason we got to see probably SHIELD’s best story arc: The Framework. It was emotional and brilliant and clever and AIDA’s casting herself as Fitz’s lover was the perfect touch of evil.

Emmy: I didn’t think that I could hate anyone as much as I hated Madam Hydra aka AIDA but my heart somehow managed to, and it wasn’t because she wasn’t good at being evil; she was way too damn good. AIDA managed to do so much damage to our team of agents that they are still trying to pick up the pieces of what she broke.


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Stephanie: Wow it took a long time and traveling to an entire other PLANET to kill this guy. But he was a nuanced and interesting villain that surprised the hell out of me. Brett Dalton did an incredible job making Ward seem fresh, charming, and sociopathic, depending on the episode. That said, Grant Ward, you were awful and I’m glad Daisy shot you that one time. She definitely should’ve aimed for your face.

Emmy: Ward had more lives than a cat, and he was the villain that we loved to hate so much. It was one of the most shocking reveals in the show’s history that the very Dapper Grant Ward was an agent of HYDRA.


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Stephanie: The award for creepiest villain 100% belongs to this dude/creature/thing. Hive somehow made Brett Dalton less attractive for a while there (and then made him 5x hotter because hello long coat and evil swagger). He also killed people and bathed in their blood to grow stronger and mind controlled Inhumans and was going to turn the entire planet into his mind-slaves. So, yeah, he was super gross and horrible and I’m glad he’s gone forever.

Emmy: I legit just want to puke just thinking about creepy and hella gross Hive turned out to be. It was a such a plot twist that Ward became Hive, and managed to up his creepiness factor.


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Stephanie: Who saw Bill Paxton turning out to be a villain? Not me! He was like a dark version of Coulson and he played it so well.

Emmy: RIP Bill Paxton. Hands down, the sassiest and funniest villain the show’s ever had.


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Stephanie: The eternal SHIELD villain. An oldie but a goody. The reveal that HYDRA had long been embedded in SHIELD was the moment that launched this show into something bigger and better. I’m sure we will see HYDRA pop up again but I hope it’s not for a while.

Emmy: The Ultimate Foe and Nemesis of S.H.I.E.L.D. You just know that you’ll be seeing them again soon.

Kasius and the Kree

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Stephanie: My general feeling about the Kree in season 5 is… eh. Yes, they’re sadistic masters who probably engineered the destruction of Earth in order to enslave mankind. And yes, they’re breeding Inhumans to sell off for profit. But in the grand scheme of SHIELD villains, this is run-of-the-mill evil guy behavior.

Emmy: Meh….I thought they were going to be amazing but they’re nothing like the bad ass Ronan the Accuser.

Jiaying aka Daisy’s mom

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Stephanie: It was disappointing that she turned out to be the Magneto of the SHIELD-verse. For a while there, she was really great. I admit it, I cried when Daisy (then Skye) figured out Jaiying was her mom. Which made it all the more sad and irritating when Jiaying turned against SHIELD and revealed her big plan of mass genocide.

Emmy: My heart totally broke for Daisy as her mom turned out to be the real evil, instead of her father.

Eli Morrow aka Robbie’s Uncle

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Stephanie: I had to look up this guy’s name, that’s how forgettable he is/was. The fact is, when you have murderous robots and a centuries old organization running around committing all manner of villainy, evil genius doesn’t quite cut it.

Emmy: The only good thing to come of this villain was that we got some seriously fantastic special effects.

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