ACS: Versace Finale Recap: “Alone” Marks The End Of Pain For One And The Beginning For Others

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After nine grueling and emotionally draining weeks, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story came to an end this week in one epic finale episode. Weeks of flashbacks have been leading up to this episode, and the pay off was worth it.

We’ve been saying this for weeks but Darren Criss’ performance in this episode really brought home all of the emotions of this horrible tragedy, and I daresay, made us feel a little sorry in the end to see him go, though the pain Andrew Cunanan caused everyone is one that will linger on for years. Criss wasn’t the only stand out performer from this episode as both Ricky Martin and Penelope Cruz did amazing in displaying their utter heartbreak and devastation caused by Gianni’s death.

Without further ado, let’s discuss “Alone.”

Back To The Start: The episode picked up exactly where the season premiere began, with Cunanan frantically strolling down the streets of Miami Beach, gun in hand, waiting for the perfect shot at Gianni Versace. We all know how that ended. Shortly after the murder, Marilyn Miglin was the first familiar face to reappear; the FBI showed up at her Miami hotel room to inform her that it was no longer safe for her to be in Florida, offering to help transport her to safety. She said no and promptly proceeded to let the police have it for their epic screw-ups.

Justice Served Wrong: Miglin wasn’t the only one displeased on how the authorities have been handling the whole Cunanan situation. Ronnie was also interrogated, providing him the chance  to roast the cops on how seriously they’d been taking this case. To him, they haven’t been doing all that they can because Cunanan killed a bunch of gays.

Hiding In Plain Sight: As for Cunanan, he was holed up in some stranger’s houseboat literally eating dog food, practically daring the feds to bust him. He spent most of his time watching reports about himself on the news, and interviews with his father, which triggered Cunanan so badly that he shot his television screen. Speaking of the homeowner, it was his call to his caretaker that triggered the beginning of the end for Andrew. A burglary was reported by the caretaker, and the next thing Cunanan knew, the police helicopters were circling overhead. A negotiator tried to reason with Cunanan but he wasn’t about to give in. The infamous killer then placed a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger before he could be apprehended.

A Tragic End Of A Life And Love: Shortly afterwards, we were taken inside Gianni’s funeral, during which Antonio discovered that he might as well have died along with his lover. The priest at Gianni’s funeral ignored him, and adding insult to injury, Donatella tells him that he’s not allowed to live in one of Gianni’s house as promised. In closing, Cunanan is later buried in a public mausoleum while Donatella prepares to meet with Versace’s lawyers and Antonio attempts suicide.


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